DID SOUTH PARK STEAL MY LOGO? WOW. South Park The Fractured But Whole | Walkthrough Part 12

*fart* Eh.. what a way to… Hey, how’s it going bros? My name is PewDiePie I can’t yell Ok? I gotta be a little low key today *sneezes* Fuuck God damn it. Sneeze compilations, don’t! I don’t have much time today, so im recording extremely early Just so that i can, uh.. Have a video out today *laughts* “The whole world” Hey, you wanna take a selfie? Just for Coonstagram Uhm… Ok I forgot what we were doing Enter the genetics lab Is that here? No, it’s far away Okay. We must journey Urh Goddamnit why to i have to start it like this? It’s a terrible start, I’m sorry ok Alright Yay Uhm… This could be.. Our last episode I know It’s been quite a journey Thank you for following with me This far. But we’re gonna end it goddamn it, if it’s the last thing I’ll ever- ugh I should not talk like that Aw man. I don’t think anyone records this so early. All YouTubers are always up so late, aren’t they? Fucking hell, I’m doing it wrong. Doing it wrong as a YouTuber Where’s the goddamn- uaghhh I walked the wrong way. Here we are. Okay, oh no this is where the Happy Tree Friends kinda guys are, the satanist animals or whatever? Remember that episode? *high voice* I remember! *sigh* That made me think of the first game Er- The first game… …was so good. They improved some stuff for this one, but We’ll see. Oh, I remember that episode! Super old episode. For real? *laughs* Now, we’re gonna use the kite thing, aren’t we? What- it doesn’t… Oh, okay. Uhh- The genetic one. Uh, its one of the first season’s episodes, I think I had those episodes on VHS. So good. Ooooohhh Ass, ass, *laughs* Freeman, thank you. Quickly, quickly. Yeah, I was already scanning it. *chuckle* On the left side. Oh wow, of course! How could I have been so blind?! *laughs* I’ll fire it up! Oh, okay. Do I need to stand closer maybe? We switch from daytime to nighttime? That’s our last ability? Cool, we did it. You guys alright here? *laughs* Ooo this is creepy, I like it. They did the Michael Jackson dance in the end of it too. It’s so cool. Reliving my childhood, man. *Ominous music* *stops* *chuckles* Oh wow, okay. That’s how it started. Oh my God. Can I have another ass? *laughs* Yes, of course. The four hour- the four ass gorilla. OH! haha It’s just like this, yeah. They have butts! They all have butts. *laughs* I think this guy’s an ass man, I don’t know. Ugh His cane has a butt on it. I remember. *laughs* Oh my gad! Ooh my good- Oh my gosh, the cage breach! That’s a lot of ass. Many assed cats, everyone. Can’t wait to fight the many assed cats. That’s- That’s just what this game was missing. I don’t know, aw they’re all gonna move in now. Jesus

100 thoughts on “DID SOUTH PARK STEAL MY LOGO? WOW. South Park The Fractured But Whole | Walkthrough Part 12”

  1. Kind of funny how even though he finds his cousin obnoxious and stereotypical you can see Kyle’s genuine concern for Kyle 2

  2. one day there was an old man named michael he had been hearing sounds in his basement for 3 years he went up into his basment and saw
    read more

  3. Hmm.. Super Craig's Skill Punch. Craig: SUPER MEGA PUNCH hmm. The emoji of a Punch is 👊. IS THAT ANOTHER PEWDIEPIE REFERENCE?!?!

    actually I posted this is 2019 so not alot of people cannot like this lol

  4. If you do you want to side missions super Craig and his boyfriend will do a combined special and they would look like anime characters

  5. Yo how the fuck does the boss look like peter griffin? still love ya, pewds but there is no way that looks like peter griffin.

  6. ghost? Will also appear? Is it an ordinary grandmother who can't use magic? Where is the amusement park? It may be received by children in a retro atmosphere now. Is this child the main character? Do you feel like a boy from the future? Snow man? Gorilla and human Android? Android came out one after another. No, no, I ca n’t laugh. Some athletes are actually taking medicine and appearing at the Olympics. Soon, professional sports are approaching their limits. If you give superhuman power with the power of Android and medicine, it's no longer a sport. Thank you for today. God.

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