49 thoughts on “Does Casein in Milk Exposure Trigger Type 1 Diabetes?”

  1. This is so interesting. I live in Finland and children here do consume very high amounts of dairy, and most infant formulas offered here are made of cow's milk (some have also fish oil in them, yuck). I also know personally quite a few kids who have delevoped type 1 Diabetes…

  2. Imagine ppl using the icelandic paradox as an excuse to have dairy because their grea great grandfather said hi to someone from Iceland on July 1866 maybe

  3. With Bovine Leukemia Virus in 100% of all US milk and the possibility that it causes 37% of women's breast cancers.. and the possibility that milk protein can trigger Type I diabetes in some unlucky kids, and the fact that 51% of all dangerous "greenhouse" type gases being created by the food animal business, we should "eradicate" the menace from the planet through education. Stopping corruption in government will take another few hundred years possibly.

  4. This is interesting. My grandfather has type 1 diabetes and lived through world war II as a child/teen. During the hunger winter of 1944-45 in the Netherlands he was put on a ship to the other side of the country so as not to starve to death as he lived in a harbour town taken by the nazis where not much food was available. He was taken in at a farm and he talks about eating a lot of roots, beets, bulbs, that type of thing (because it included foods you wouldn't normally eat), but since it was a farm I can imagine dairy too. I don't know exactly when he was diagnosed, but I do know that the dairy industry grew explosively after the second world war so it is an interesting idea to think about how dairy consumption around that time might have lead to somehow 'activating' his type 1 diabetes.

  5. My mom and her twin sister got type 1 diabetes, and now my brother has been diagnosed as well. I think genetics is huge.

  6. there are two types of cow casein and they are finding the A2 genotype is tolerated more. People are breeding herds in New Zealand to avoid the A1 type of casein. Goat milk is supposed to be better tolerated, as are fermented versions of dairy products.

  7. This is an interesting study! I have read research about the rise of diabetes in Japan and it seemed to correlate to the conclusions found in this study that its incidence started rising around the mid 20th century. It had something to do with the introduction of a western lifestyle and diet (meat and dairy).

  8. This is so exciting. Your scientific revelations are getting harsher & hArsher for milk industry… milk business will produce human breast milk & they will do what producers have done to cows.

  9. I believe this is the reason why people in East Asian countries don't consume dairy products. They may have learned this centuries ago. Thank you Dr Greger.

  10. Here we go again. Yet more Machiavellian machinations from Dr gregorski and his evil plot to undermine the health of every individual on the planet. We must take a stand against this evil tyrannical health facist..

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  12. Well, it`s IN the Milk! In Cow-Milk (European-Cows) we have the FEV . Or some chunks of RNA. This, and the the Ability of other Bacterias to recombinate their Genes ist the Key to this Mystery. On top there we have the "Vitamin-D-Paradox" . And if you understand the clue, here is answaer to this topic.

  13. I am convinced that milk is bad for my health but i found a meta analysis saying that milk is preventive against certain cancers. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27882862/ is this true?? Please help… Thanks

  14. I personally don't ever want to consume milk form a cow ever again. Check out how I make my own milk on my channel.

  15. So let me get this straight……. You're tryna tell me that drinking MILK gave me T1D? Bitch I know people that drink milk twice a day and they fine

  16. Can you do a video about GMO awareness pleaase. US GMO foods and the chemicals from Monsanto is the modern day genocide. The state of Vermont (and other US states)knows that dangers of GMO products and foods. Did you notice that baby formula and foods have now GMO labels? Non GMO labels are now in public awareness so time will tell when the media will include education on what GMO means as its underground still>medical professionals don't understand the NON GMO term.

  17. In 2008, the NEJM reported that they know the 4 components (w/possible 5th) that cause Type 1 Diabetes in infants. They describe the following as the "perfect storm".
    1) genetic predisposition
    2) intestinal permeability most likely passed on by mothers with gluten (gliadin) intolerance or celiac spru.
    3) bovine protein from the introduction of milk. (the bovine engages the immune system, collateral damage occurs because of molecular mimicry (the immune system mistakes your beta cells for the targeted bovine.
    (auto-immune 101) (they did not call out Similac but it is a milk substitute is made with both gluten and milk.
    4) Chromium/Vanadium deficiencies
    5) MMR vaccine is linked to the onset of type 1 diabetes (see multiple studies in NEJM and PubMed.gov)
    I slipped into a 10 day diabetic comma 4 days after my first MMR vaccine at age 13 months. I had the genetic predisposition, my mother had Celiac Spru while pregnant with me and I was only given Similac.
    That is what led me to do 5 years of research on the cause and how to reverse it by addressing and eliminating the cause. I had the perfect storm and only 1 day after that first MMR vaccine I stopped walking and talking (signs of a major vaccine injury) You piece it together for your self.

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  19. Please Dr. Greger reply to my question:
    My nephew is 15 and has type.1 diabetes. My question is… theoretically if he stops consuming milk protein for ever. the autoimmune reaction which kills beta cells will never occur again? since he is only 15 he can still grow some beta cells and theoretically not inject any insulin in the future?

  20. this is most issues with autoimmune diseases….

    what causes it …..

    and why most were women

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