100 thoughts on “Dr. Lustig: Type 2 Diabetes Is “Processed Food Disease””

  1. Folks are just addicted to sugar without even knowing it. Tell them not to eat anything sweet, any bread or chocolate for a day and they will literally want to kill you like a heroin addict for depriving them of their drug. This is scary.

  2. "Sola dosis facit venenum"
    the dose makes the poison. The comparison to alcohol is appropriate except that small amounts of alcohol are beneficial. Fructose seems to be only beneficial in terms of enjoyment of food.
    The Cousin of Dose is Rate. the experienced dose is dependent on the rate of absorption and rate of metabolism. HFCS can be argued to be worse than sugar because the rate of fructose absorption is higher than sucrose or non processed fruit. The Argument against fructose needs to address the change in the dose of fructose Humans have experienced.

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  4. Love to you Dr. Lustig. Thank you for everything you are doing. And thank you CrossFit for bringing this to light. You are wonderful!

  5. I don't agree that people can't stop eating sugar. They can, they just don't want to do the work it takes to do it. Alcoholism is an addiction and it can be stopped, but people have to be motivated to get the help to stop. I think public health CAUSED this problem. Public health/government and an unholy alliance with big business. Take away the money of both.

  6. Together we will win. In all our interest; please disseminate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcnd3usdNxo

  7. Sugar in high doses is toxic irrespective of calorie count….


    Joe is a strict dieter. He consumes 2000 calories per day and exercises.

    He consumes 1400 calories per day of non-sugared foods and beverages.

    Treats himself to 600 calories of a sugared beverage.

    He is not and will not become overweight or obese if he stays on 2000 calories per day average. Fact.

    Perfect hey?

    No. The 600 calories derived from the sugared drink is TOXIC. IRRESPECTIVE of overweight or obesity.

    A calorie is not a calorie! Paraphrasing Dr Lustig from this video.

  8. I watch so many videos from Dr. Lustig at this point, and every one still has nuggets I never heard in the others. This guy seriously is one of the most important people in the last decade – I sure wish our world would listen to what the hell he says.

  9. And sugar is found in fruits and vegetables, potatoes, grains and pretty much all plant foods. Some claim that the fiber slows your body's ability to absorb the sugar, but when you blend it, juice it or cook it, the fiber breaks down and you get a blast of sugar. It's little wonder all vegans are not diabetic (though I suspect most are, to a degree, and just haven't tested themselves for it). Modern plants are far more nutrient dense thanks to selective breeding. This used to be a good thing, back when food was scarce. But it's not scarce anymore. It doesn't take a nutritionist to see where this is going.

  10. I like that he's clear that sugar in high doses and high amounts of fructose is the problem! He's not anti-glucose fuel or sugar for the right reasons, he's against high fructose and excessive sugar consumption and the processed crap in fake foods! Absolutely brilliant Dr. Lustig!


  12. not true, I never ate crap food and I was borderline due to excess weight. As soon as I lost weight I was out of the danger zone. Never ate processed anything or restaurant foods.

  13. Cook whole foods, veggies and meats at home and ditch every single processed food. Kind of like our elders used to eat. Natural foods which included fats, proteins and veggies. This is how my grandparents ate and my grandmother on my mother's side lived to 94. Both grandparent's on my father's side lived to 94 and 95 years old. They ate naturally and ate little sugar. 95 is good enough for me.

  14. Type 2 diabetes is a disease of malnutrition affecting genetic expression, particularly B12. In western nations, diabetics are usually obese because of malnutrition caused by living on cheap, processed foods devoid of nutrients. In eastern nations, it is because of lack of nutrition during pregnancy. Those people are a healthy body weight. Let it be a warning to those who insist on eating processed foods, feeding this poison to their children and vegan parents.

  15. I really admire this man, Dr. Lustig. He knows exactly what is going on and I can hear it in the tone of his voice that he is beyond frustrated that this sugar addiction has gotten out of control not only with our children, but society as a whole. Folks, I don't buy the notion that our government made a "mistake" back in the 70s when they portrayed fat as the food boogey man responsible for heart disease. I know a correlation is not proof of causation, but why is it that when the fat was removed from most super market foods, to cater to a fat frightened population, and sugar was added to compensate and to keep the food palatable, that all of a sudden new cases of degenerative diseases started to go up at an alarming rate? We are in the information age and there is no excuse to not do your own research to take command of your health. Inflammation and all the diseases that derive from it are no joke! Even people that saved money and have health insurance go broke paying 20% of super expensive medical bills. In the USA, the average cost that a hospital bills an insurance company for a heart bypass is $117,000 USD. 20% of that $23,400 USD that the patient has to pay out of his or her pocket! In a consumer driven society where most people don't have any savings, this means that you will be in debt for a very long time, or be in debt for the rest of your life. And that is just the financial burden a person goes through aside from the disease itself that doctors treat but never cure, because that isn't their business. The medical and pharmaceutical industry learned their lesson many years ago when they cured polio by realizing that there is no residual revenues in cures.

  16. 28:14 made me laugh hard! I believe it! I live in Houston and once visited a brother from church at one of Houston's biggest hospitals in the world famous Texas Medical Center. He was there to get some type of catheter on one of his aorta's close to the heart, or something along those lines. When someone from the cafeteria dropped off the menu so that he can order his dinner, I was amazed at the selections that included cheesburgers and pizza. I kid you not!

  17. This is by far the best interview I've ever ever seen …I can't still believe all these years we've been eating all the wrong foods

  18. This man changed my life!

    He was the first doctor to explain why, despite following the recommended guidelines to the letter, and being in caloric deficit my entire adult life, my weight just kept going up and up and up. He was the first to explain how I put on weight while on Weight Watchers, despite following it to the letter too and walking 10 km a day, carrying 30 kg doing it (and that wasn't my daily workout — that was just going to and from school; my 'proper daily exercise' was over and above that). Without even meeting him, he was the first doctor to believe me (so to speak) when I said I don't over-eat and never have, and I don't eat crap and never have, because he – and he alone – explained how both were indeed possible, while everyone else was just calling me a liar.

    So now my once little waist has stopped expanding and is beginning to get smaller, despite my age; the heart that was about to blow up in my face began to get better, seemingly overnight; but my liver is taking a little longer to repair, and thankfully he came along before my allegedly "perfectly healthy" diet progressed to Type 2 diabetes as well (and here's the thing ~ I'm not morbidly obese and I never have been. I'm just over-weight).

    In my opinion he deserves a Nobel Prize.

  19. My God in Heaven this is beyond powerful. Jesus help us all. Parents please listen to the doctor. Your child’s health is in your hands.

  20. You folk who speak out are incredibly brave. I went to the pharmacy to purchase some electrolytes and in answer to why I was taking them I mentioned a recent change of eating to mostly carnivore and the chemist’s response made me feel like an idiot. You must receive such responses all the time.

  21. What this man is doing will be history changing and that's not overstating.

    He's also looking in better shape. Skin very clear. Eating less carbs?

  22. Have watched about 5 presentations by Dr. Lustig. Have suffered from "metabolic syndrome" for many years without really understanding it. We, my wife and I, know what to do now and are implementing it. Everything he is saying makes total sense to us, the good, the bad and the ugly. 10 stars for Dr. Lustig and his work or whatever is the top of the scale. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  24. Finally he’s moved from “sugar is the devil” to understanding it’s processed food. Sugar is not the devil if balanced by fibre, fat, water, protein, fasting, resistance training, HIIT. The impact of sugar is HIGHLY DEPENDENT on the balance of these other factors.

  25. I started a keto diet and you would not believe how much fat I lost and the muscle I retained adding intermittent fasting! I 100 per cent agree your body does NOT need sugar at all to live and survive! I’m 40 and so much better no then when I was 22!!! clean keto diet is the way for me limiting dairy and I’m feeling fantastic! I’ve lost 25 kg so far I also found an amazing CrossFit box and I loveeeeee it!!!!!

  26. Sad, but I see people in grocery stores who can't walk because of obesity…they use those motorized scooters. I see young people, in their teens and 20's, who already weigh 300 lbs. And, unfortunately, these are not rare sightings.

  27. He is correct, alcohol and fructose cause fatty liver and diabetes.
    I know very few people who can get their heads around this.
    That's cake, sodas, cookies, ice-cream, yoghurt, candies, honey, fruit, maple syrup, corn and more.

  28. The Chinese translation of “The bitter sweet after tasting sugar” 28'45 糖的餘孽,甜的苦頭
    Thanks for the interview, thanks Prof Lustig.

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  30. Of course diabetes would be an Egyptian word. The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to get diabetes. They didn't have cane sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup. They did have dates, figs (very sweet fruits) plus honey. That's enough to give you diabetes if you are susceptible. The more fructose you eat, the more likely you are to get sick.

  31. I don't eat sugar ….I am not overweight..I don't eat processed foods..but I have high blood pressure…so how can that be?

  32. This man's right on the money.
    I've been following an approach similar to his and have reversed type 2 diabetes to the point where it's diagnostically undetectable. Both a surgeon who recently cut me up and an eye doctor who looked at the back of my eyeballs both told me that they did not see any signs of type 2 damage.

    I cut carbohydrates out of my diet and started eating real food.

    Other interesting things happened. I stopped having chest pains, my energy levels evened out, ED went away, and i started working out.

    I've been eating a low carb diet for 6 years now and there's no turning back, for me.

  33. Hard to believe the american-white-businessman is lying and ripping you off? Don't understand anything this man is saying or don't believe his words? Rebumpkin maybe?

  34. He gave them medicine to stop insulin? He openly admitted to experimenting on children. How is this man still a Dr? To lose weight…consume less atoms than you exhale..that's it!!!! Atoms in, atoms out! Lustig experimented on kids, well his surname is German! Funny, that!

  35. Wake up, America! I'm sharing this with my representatives at State and Federal levels. Education is the key; My people perish for lack of knowledge. Years ago was able to get my elderly father off ALL medication for type 2 diabetes by changing his diet…in 3 days!

  36. The cameraman doesn't seem to know that the bright background behind the head and torso of the doctor is IRRITATING on the eyes.

  37. I love sugar! I stay away from it more often than not. I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted for a meal or snack…no problems. In my late 70s and I do not have any medical issues. Even so, I am learning to stay away from sugar because of what it does to our bodies. Yes, OCCASIONALLY, I will get a few baked goods and after taking my first bite and taste, I immediately recognize the addicting nature it has on me…and my wanting more. So, my "goody" tasty things are few and far between. I will pay $5 or $6 for a SLICE of cake or pie rather than pay $3 for the whole cake or pie. I also have noticed the SLICES are SMALLER and selling for MORE money! THAT will probably break me of my love for sweets more than anything else.

  38. I say as a mathematician Ph.D that Dr. Lustig is worthy of a Nobel Prize for bringing us this
    awareness. His explanations helped me self-diagnose and completely recover from metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure etc. All that sugar was killing me!

    2 weeks after I quit all foods with added sugar my arthritis went completely away.
    Lots of other miraculous improvements in my life.

    But I give my God the glory for showing me the Straight and Narrow Way back to health.
    I went back in time about 20 years. The strength of my youth returned, stamina as well.

  39. I’m disgusted with the bbc in trying to,with a so called health expert to downgrade the beneficial facts you presented. The bbc here in Britain are not very popular at the moment for being bias and stuck in their ways!

  40. The sugar industry, the processed food industry and christian religious garden-of-eden/anti-masturbatory doctrine are all perverting the message

  41. I am on disability for Sugar Disease. My Mom had it and so did her mom. Lots of Alcholics in my family and the doctors in my family deny it! BUT there kids are on ADHD meds and have cancer at three years old.

  42. The CAMP want to find a way to keep us eating fructose (The SOS diet ) to keep the controllers/the camp living in a style they have become used to. The CAMP own the pharmaceutical and food industries peeeeeeople wake up.

  43. Liberty interest are liars. Your library stop where mine starts. Why because in this society we have government redistribution of private property and these agencies will injury you for disobedience.

  44. All about corporate cash! Stuff your face zombies,.! Eat that dead animal, drink that fluoride.. Its Totally safe..! 😇😈

  45. Mi overweight diabetic friend has lost one eye, has terrible celulitis in both legs, brown fat/skin all over, lost a toe and can hardly walk. I try to tell him about the damage his high sugar diet is doing to him, yet he is so addicted he can't break it. I visited him in the hospital. He had a stash of candy bars hidden from the hospital staff to feed his addiction while he was there. It's very sad. People will only change and give up addictions if they want to. And many would just rather choose death over life!

  46. Finally the video I’ve been looking for! I just got my A1C results back and I’m at 5.7 when I was at 6.3! I reversed my pre-diabetes by going Paleo and stopped eating processed foods and processed sugars and exercising moderately with weights! I’m so excited! You can do it guys just cook 90% of your food and eat super clean and natural foods you have to cook from scratch with no processed food. Also cut out cane sugar and anything fructose corn syrup and only use fruits, honey, dates, real maple syrup, agave, coconut sugar, go Paleo!! Start of doing Whole 30 and then be Paleo after that! You’ll feel better in general! Good luck! 🙏🏾👍🏾

  47. Sugar isn't a food… that comment just flipped a switch. It's not a food, it's a drug. If you want to do drugs, that's fine, but if you do it all day every day, then you're a drug addict.

  48. I reversed my Type 2. Drink water, Eat leafy green Veg, Do carb swaps. No more processed food and regular Fasting. Most important See your Doctor

  49. The interviewer is so arrogant like who do you think you are GOD! You better be happy you're in the presence of Dr. Lustig. I can't bare to finish watching because of your privilege attitude JERK

  50. Stunning interview. Many books have been written about how bad sugar is for us. One of them is Sugar Blues, a classic in it's information, but we are determined to eat ourselves into the grave. With so much information being online these days, books are not as popular a source for finding out "stuff." And much information in books and literature is being left out of articles online, for a variety of reasons. Books are very much still important for finding out things we are forgetting. Loved this interview.

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