Dr Sebi Reveals What To Eat To Cure Diabetes

Yes, I heard you on the radio yesterday and uh… I heard you say, I have been a diabetic for 22 years. I have been on insulin now for 13 years. And I heard you say that your formula would cure diabetes. Look how the way your asking. Cure diabetes? Yes I did hear you say that. Yeah diabetes is the
easiest disease for me to cure. It’s the easiest one. Look, let me say something.
Diabetes, diabetes is when the pancreas duck is obstructed and let me show you
what it is. You come over here and see this because you already asked your
question. Come over and sit down because you have to see this. You see, right here,
under the stomach. If I go to my left I have your liver which is divided
into two lobes and it hooks into the duodenum, but if I go over here I have this
long organ. They call it the pancreas. In the center of the pancreas you have the
added of longahorns where the insulin is produced. But the pancreas is attached to
the duodenum also and these two ducts right here become obstructed like your
nose and doesn’t allow your insulin to go into the circulation or into the small
intestines. Sir, I think that diabetes has been the disease that we have cured more
than any other disease. Thousands of them have been cured and incidentally they
have come and told me I’m impotent, I have high blood pressure, poor circulation.
Didn’t tell me they have diabetes and when they went back to their doctor, the diabetes
was gone. Yes we do have a cure for diabetes. What is the best diet? The best diet? Again the best
diet is the one that I just described. Quinoa and the rest of the, of
the, of the vegetables. You will be cured. We talked about the
broccoli, that’s one. You got spinach, but don’t use, don’t use cauliflower and
don’t use carrots. Don’t use celery. Oh incidentally I didn’t talk about celery,
right? Celery has the highest, highest concentration of inorganic salt.
Don’t ever use celery under no circumstances. Squash? Squash, that’s fine, that’s cool. What’s wrong with garlic?
Garlic? What’s wrong with garlic? God didn’t make it. That’s what’s wrong with
it. It has oxide of a allyl. I had it here yesterday. It’s an oxide, oxide.
Oxide of a allyl A L L Y L, it’s dangerous. It doesn’t allow wounds to heal. Garlic is
not even hog food. You wouldn’t feed it to your hogs.

21 thoughts on “Dr Sebi Reveals What To Eat To Cure Diabetes”

  1. Only problem i have with sebi is that none of what he claims has been scientifically proven,and if your not careful some of these herbs will in fact jack your LIVER AND KIDNEYS UP💯

  2. I think if many Ripken are very sick and tried every medication will feel it is another option and possibly last hope for some fighting many elements hope it is successful cure fr sebs advice

  3. This guy says garlic is no good is he kidding yeah has an arsenic in it but it's a poison that kills bacterial pathogens viruses and all kinds of shit he's totally off

  4. Look how god works….. the bible clearly says there is a cure for everything on this earth. But these demons are money hungry and don’t want to give up a multi- billion dollar industry from sick people. This is so sad…..

  5. He talks about how broccoli is a hybrid and spinach is acidic in another video why is he suggesting this for a diabetic then …

  6. God bless your soul Dr Sebi i have the pleasure of meeting him at a lecture in Barbados. He is pure gold

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