Dr. Shoe’s Health Minute – Calcium Intake Vs. Uptake

Hi this is Dr. Gary Shoemaker with “Dr.
Shoe’s Health Minute”. Today we’re going to talk about calcium. A lot of people take
calcium for their health they’re worried about their bone density, they’re worried
about their muscular health and we want to talk about intake versus uptake.
Because commonly people take calcium they get at the drugstore or they get it
for the bulk food stores and their body’s not really absorbing it. So just
because you intake calcium doesn’t mean it goes to where you need it. The uptake
is depended upon two key things. One is, do you do weight-bearing exercise? Calcium will only go into your bones if you’re doing weight-bearing exercise
like walking or running something that you’re doing standing on your feet and
doing on a regular basis. And the other thing is what form is your calcium in?
Calcium must be chelated which means they add amino acids to it so that your
body can absorb them more readily. If you’re not taking chelated calcium it’s
not going to work for you. We have a great line of minerals in our office
that we sell through orthomolecular and they are all reacted which means that
they’re chelated that’s the best stuff for you and that’s how your body’s going
to uptake it. This is Dr. Gary Shoemaker with “Dr. Shoe’s Health Minute”.

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