Easily make shapekeys/flexes using the bones [Blender]

I’m going to show you the easiest way to make shape keys. First what you need to do is create a basis shapekey. then from there select the mesh.. no, select your bones- go into pose mode and move them to make some kind of flex, I’m just going to move the jaw to make a mouth open flex then when its to your liking slect the mesh go to the object modifiers tab and click Apply As Shapekey created the shapekey, its titled Armature but now doesn’t have an armature modifier so you’ll need to add one again just take this little eyedropper and click on the skeleton and the mesh will jump back to where your had it. so select the bones, or the ones that you moved and put them back I just rotated the jaw so i would press Alt+R to undo the rotations that we made. And thats just one, you can make more you can make a smile for example Its gonna look terrible, but its just for an example *lol* Thats the cheesiest grin ever ok so select your mesh again click this Apply As Shapekey right there then your mesh will go back to normal Then i’m going to click Add Modifier. Armature. and parent it back to the skeleton we will need to just hit Alt+G for the grab. If you select your mesh a mess you’ll see that she now has a very cheesy grin shapekey… and we can make one for i guess the eyes closing so take this LeftUpEye and bring it down. The RightUpEye bring it down too and apply as shapekey add another armature modifier and parent it back with the eyedropper and Alt+G to undo the grabbing that we did or the translations and that should make her blink So if you want to do just one side you could add a new one and go to edit mode select just half of her face or area that you want to move. hit W and go to Blend From Shape and instead of basis set it to that blink that we just made and now we have a flex that moves just half of the blink. and you can use same thing for the mouth open if you wanted to. you can do it on just the left side we do Blend From Shape and hit mouth open and it’ll move just the ones from that shapekey. that looks terrible but its just one of the things you could do i usually use it to make the blink and then just make a left and right blink with it we don’t need that one SO one other tip is using this proportional editing- if you have it disabled if you go to move a portion of her it just grabs all the vertices moves them but if you have enabled you can either scroll up and down or i have to use page up and page down because my scroller is broke but it moves it also moves all the vertices around that area which is pretty cool i guess so instead of just moving one vertice it moves all those around it and if you crank that way up it’ll move a whole ton of them. So thats just a few tips i guess on how to make shapekeys

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