Essen Germany

hello and welcome today I will show you
the city of Essen in Germany I’m from Germany and maybe some of you know that I visit every year my family in Germany so once in a while you will get a video
from Germany my son moved from Aachen to Essen so we helped him this year we stayed one night at the Hilton at
Frankfurt Airport this was the best option because we had to go the next morning to Aachen and we took the train we had to change train in Cologne by the way we had 80 kg of luggage
with us with ANA you can bring two times 23kg and we had to carry all this but we rented a car from Aachen, so we took a taxi from the train station to the rental car station so we could put some of the
furniture from my son into this car all of us have never been to Essen
so we asked friends what is their impression and some said there is a lot
of crime in Essen but it turned out to be fine actually it looked more
sophisticated than Aachen with all its graffiti and beggars most people spoke English Essen is a city in federal state of North-Rhine-Westphalia and the former coal mining and steel production site belonging to the Ruhr district if you speak a little German you wonder if Essen means essen like eating, no the name has nothing to do with eating the city was first mentioned with the name Astnide or Astnithi and the assumption is that it was named after
ash trees which grew in the region and then changed over time to Astnidum, Astanidum, and and and at the end came Essen well since this was the first
time we visit Essen we started with a city sightseeing bus tour and it was
really interesting I insert the website here and there is also a little video
about it my personal favorite was Margarethenhöhe, Baldeneysee and Zollverein the Zollverein belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage my husband and my son went for
a sightseeing tour but I took the photo tour to take a look I highly recommend it this is the actual landmark for the Zollverein and some people call it the Eiffel Tower of the Ruhr district or Ruhrpott from 1851 to 1986 it was an active coal mine and you wouldn’t believe what this is this is a swimming pool can you imagine this here’s the website to it because I just
took food from outside seventy years ago
29 miners died at the Zeche Zollverein after a blow-up explosion it was the most
serious mining accident at the shaft until today the reason could not be
clarified if you’re interested in these photos go to google photos and you can
download if you use them for a project please mention the source well let’s finish with the Zollverein and
I want to show you some of the German specialities we ate in Germany and some
of the supermarket shelves my husband was curious and very
impressed by the beer sausage and cheese selection we have (in Germany) my absolute favorite is moon Mohnbroetchen or papaver bread roll in general you can’t
get this in Japan also liquorice is hard to get then we have Leberkaese with
fried potatoes and sauerkraut Ice Creme Cafe’s are very popular in Germany in general but also in Essen and this is something new I have never seen before this is basically a bookshelf in a glass vitrine and everybody can take a book out of it
or return it or add new books very interesting at least that’s what we
interpreted into it so this is a german classical this is Currywurst with french fries or sausage with curry and french fries so this is a bean salad very
delicious so this is a traditional steak with a potato which is very popular in Germany and sour cream and garlic bread and this is Gyros this is of course not
German this is Greek but a very popular dish and cheap I think it was 5 euro or something like this so that’s it for today and I have now almost two month holiday break on Youtube and I will see you next week Monday again and Thursday Thursday most probably I will give you another video about Germany but let me know what you think about this video down in the comment section bye

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