Exercise After Femur Fracture Part-5

Hello friends. welcome once again to health
made easy. friends in this series of exercise after thigh bone fracture or femur fracture
in the last few videos I showed you a few very effective progressive exercises in the
process of rehabilitation of femur fracture. friends in this exercise series till now we
have covered the basic mobilization, the strengthening of the anterior compartment of thigh, lateral
compartment of the thigh and medial compartment of the thigh. I hope you are doing those exercises
and I am sure you will be definitely benefited from those. so friends in today’s video of
this series I am going to show you a very effective exercise to strengthen the muscles
of the back of the thigh. this compartment is called the posterior compartment of the
thigh and these muscles are called hamstring muscles. so let’s begin and I’ll show you
how to do this exercise. friends lie down on your stomach as shown in the video easily.
Now gradually bend your knee towards thigh and try to touch your thigh or hip with your
heel. do this slowly and do not insert much force or power into it. in starting you probably
may not be able to touch the thigh. but after a few days when the strength of muscles will
increase. you will be able to touch your hip. now bring your leg back to starting position
slowly. now continuously repeat this exercise for few more times. Do this exercise in 15
to 20 repetitions thrice daily. friends when you will be able to do this exercise easily
or you feel that you are comfortable in doing this exercise. then do this exercise in progressive
form with 1 kg weight cuff. how to tie the weight cuff is shown in the video. just wrap
it around your ankle and do the same exercise as done in pattern earlier. you can start
this exercise with 1 kg weight cuff and increase up to 3 kgs. you can get these weight cuffs
easily in the market or you can get it online also. I have given the link in the description
to buy these weight cuffs online. you can follow the link and get them. so friends start
this exercise. and you will see that just within 7 to 10 days there is a fare difference
in the strength of muscles of the back of the thigh. along with that, you will feel
much easy in doing daily activities of your life. so, friends, I hope you like today’s
health update. if you like it. please give us one light and share with your friends.
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13 thoughts on “Exercise After Femur Fracture Part-5”

  1. Sir.
    Knee aur pattela ek Sath fracture ke Baad aaj 3 mahine ho Gaye hai. Knee ka operation hogaya hai. Pattela ka Ane wale dino me ho jayega.

    Dr ka kehna hai ghutna nahi mudega ab.

    Kya us k liy koi upay hai??

  2. Heyy.. please its urgent… mera 2saal pehle femur operation hua h… Rod abhi b under hi h… But kabhi kabhi mujhe pain karta hai nd jab pain karta hai mai leg ko bend b nai kar pata and thikse chal bhi nai pata kya karu ? Please help me

  3. Sir mera femur bone 3 sal pahle toot gaya tha ,Dr ne operations karke lagbhag 10 inch ki plate laga di thi lekin jaha tanka laga tha waha hamesha soonya pata chalta tha isliye maine 2 saal bad plate ko niklwa diya leki phir bhi tanke wali side me chhone par soonya hi lagta hai dr kahte hai man ka vaham hai,, physiotherapy bhi karaya sahi hi nahi ho raha hai kya karan ho sakta hai..

  4. Sir mera fumer fracture hogya thaa opretion huwaa haii femur shaft me plate or femur neck me rode dlaa huwaa hai sir after 3 month of opretion mery femur neck me buht dard hotaa hai jab me leg hilata hoon sir ye 1month sy dard ho rahaa hai please tell me me kiyaa kroo

  5. Hello Dr. Can u plz show the exercises for Femur fracture ,leg lateral,leg ap ..its been a month for the surgery, placed rod to it.

  6. Can you pls upload more physiotherapy related to this vedio…as I already started to walk but I need to sit down take stairs etc

  7. Sir mera fumer operation hua hai 10 month hoga… exercise vhi kiya but strength phir vhi nahi mil raha hai

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