Extraction, Bone Graft & Dental Implants in Alexandria LA: Dan | Alexandria Oral Surgery

I came to Alexandria Oral Surgery — I was
referred by Dr. Whitehead, who suggested that this would be the best surgeon to remove two
teeth as I go through the process of bone grafting and having implants added. It’s been
many, many years, and I had old fillings that were giving up, and the damage to the teeth
was such that it made sense to have them replaced. I had a great layout with Dr. Smith as to
what would be the best in my case — what I can afford, what I couldn’t. And also, he
was great with explaining the procedure and how it would work and the fact that it caused
me no pain whatsoever. Plus the reputation of Dr. Smith is absolutely outstanding. Well,
I’ve had two major procedures about a year apart. They went absolutely perfectly. He
explained in great detail how the process would work. It made a lot of sense to me.
I would recommend Alexandria Oral Surgery to anyone who is looking for a fine oral surgeon
in Rapides or Avoyelles Parish. You will find that you will not obtain anyone who will do
the work better.

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