Extraction, Bone Graft & Dental Implants in Alexandria LA: David | Alexandria Oral Surgery

I was eating some peanuts, and half of my
tooth broke. I just listened to other people before I came
here. “It’s going to be painful, it’s going to be
this, it’s going to be that.” No, it was not. They made me feel very comfortable. I was told that they were probably the best
in the business to do what I need to do involving my implant. It was a great visit, and I think he has a
great staff of people. If any of my friends in the Central Louisiana
area, Alexandria, Shreveport, Winnfield, Leesville, Walkersville, and just around the Central Louisiana
area, if they needed dental implants, I would certainly recommend them to come to Alexandria
Oral Surgery and see Dr. Smith and his staff because they’re personal, and they’re the

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