61 thoughts on “Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt In 3 EASY STEPS! | NO MORE LOWER BACK, HIP & NECK PAIN!”

  1. This video is PACKED with loads of great information so I will be adding TIME STAMPS below! Be sure to share this video with your friends as I am sure the majority of them could use these tips to either FIX or PREVENT Anterior Pelvic Tilt! Thanks everyone!

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    (0:00)- Experiencing pain in these places?
    (0:58)- What Causes Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT)?
    (1:59)- How to determine if YOU have APT.
    (3:32)- Cause & Effect of APT – Upper & Lower Body Pain
    (5:32)- Why is APT so common & affecting so many people?

    (7:06)- STEP 1 – Static Stretching
    (11:16)- STEP 2 – Strengthening The Weak & Dormant Muscles
    (17:11)- Integrating your new foundations in your lifestyle.

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  2. I get bullied in school so I hope this works and how Long does it take to have a normal back ,I get bullied for my fat ass and people laugh and slap it if this works you changed my life in a good way

  3. Wow. I never realised APT was a thing but i have it and didnt realise. It has caused me issues before but ill be sure to do these streches and excersises straight away!!

  4. Jeff said do the Thomas Test first to see if your hip flexors are tight. You don’t want overly-stretched muscles as you’ll reach the range-of-movement limit on your joints and wreck them. So worth checking first.
    You can still do the other stuff though.

  5. Thank you for this video! I’ve always noticed that no matter what I did, my glutes and hamstrings seemed so weak! I also always seemed to have back issues!

  6. Anyone else find the lunges next to impossible to hold for 60 seconds. Although I feel the burn on my back leg, my front leg in the lunge position just gets to tired holding me up.
    Also this routine takes me over 30 mins. Although I like it I don’t have time morning and night to do it. Just to busy.
    Nevertheless it’s very effective.

  7. I was doing the overhead press today for the first time and i realize the arch in my back was unnatural, to the point that people at the gym were laughing at me. I went home and took a photo from the side and realized i have exactly what you are talking about. This will be a nice addition the my mornings and evenings. And hopefully it improves my incorrect posture as i would like to continue body building with correct form. Thanks Scott!

  8. My APT so bad my glutes won't fire. When I bridge its all hamstrings and zero glute. I stop doing all exercise that accentuate APT. Eg: bridges, superman, and putting my feet on bench for bench press. Best exercise found is put a strap around waste with a 25 lbs kettle ball and athlete lunges.

  9. Hey Scott quick question the no gap exercise really helped me the most what muscle are we trying to target the rectus abdominal muscle or the the tranverse muscle?? It is really a helpful exercise for working abs i did them right one time but now i feel like i brace too hard and maybe hold my breath? Could you maybe go in depth on this ? My stomach has stopped bulging doing this exercise right and lower back pain almost all gone when i do it right

  10. Stretches and exercises feel GREAT. Makes we realize that the APT posture is what is making my lower back feel strained and tired. I can feel how these would strengthen the lower back and core muscles over time. Easy to do and the exercises feel good. Years of computer work has probably caused APT to get worse over time. These excercises relieve the pressure in the strained back and core muscles. I just did these this morning and will do them again in the evening. Adding these to my other stretch exercises. Thank you!!

  11. Damn, check all the symptoms off, gonna take this seriously, my body is screwed up and didn't even realize it, gotta change some things, Scott u are the man, thanks for you knowledge 😀

  12. Wow! I watched the whole video and did the stretch and I already see a huge improvement. My lower back hurt less, it feel less compressed. And omg, the iliopsoas stretch make me feel the stretches and hurt but, you were right, its became easier has repetition were going forward. Just want to thank you!

  13. Thank you so much for this video, I have been dealing with serious lower back pain for the past couple of years and I could never quite figure out why.

    I was just randomly hopping through a bunch of "You're doing it wrong" style exercise videos when I clicked on this. At first I was in denial but after taking a quick look in the mirror, it seems that those countless hours playing World of Warcraft all day has warped my back into something that resembles a half-moon. Ah well, at least I have my Whirlwind Axe. Jokes aside as I type this I'm currently sitting at a perfect 90 degree angle and I feel the same kind of tightness I first felt while fixing my forward-neck posture a few years ago. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do.

    What I'm trying to say is,
    Thank you for potentially saving me a life-time of back pain.

  14. these stretches are great. another thing that helped me is the sleeping posture, sleep with a pillow under your stomach and your APT will be fixed after a week!!!!

  15. I just started this today. Let me tell you, you make this look easy, but that shit is intense, like holy crap. I'm over thinking I'm gonna do a few easy stretches. And I'm like dying 1 minute into the stretches.

  16. After the first attempt of the stretching where we are in our stomach and grab the leg, the tilt seemed noticeably better.. Is this normal? Can’t wait to continue this!

  17. Hi. If you want to be prepared for this check Unflexal Workouts website. I know you'll find good solutions for your workouts.

  18. So comprehensive and succinctly put! 👌 love your work Scotty, desperately looking for a APT fix, and when I noticed ‘you’ had uploaded a video I knew it’d be gold. Legend

  19. coming here as an injured runner tracing the root cause of ankle tendon issue to APT, thank you for the knowledge sir. I will be starting today in what should be me getting back to proper natural posture/form!

  20. This video is very helpful and beneficial to correct the pelvic tilt.Thanks sir from the bottom of my heart.❤️❤️❤️❤️Thanks again

  21. Is there a video that tells you what to avoid doing after fixing APT? Such as carrying/picking up something wrong or sleeping wrong?

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