Florida Car Crash: Hip Fracture & Aseptic Necrosis

Hi! I’m Dave Glatthorn, I’m an
attorney in West Palm Beach exclusively representing injured
people. I want to tell you a story of a case I had a few
years ago, involving a very unusual injury – and diagnosis
actually – to a gentleman. This gentleman had been in a car
crash, and from the time of the crash – which was a big impact –
he had made complaints not only to his neck and back, but also
to his hip. Well, his history was that about two years before
this accident, he had fallen off a ladder while he was putting up
a basketball net. And the doctor that treated him was very
concerned, because when you break a large bone like that –
what can happen is – the blood vessel inside the bone can get
disrupted and the bone can actually die. You might have
heard the story of Bo Jackson. He had what’s called aseptic
necrosis, where his bone in his hip was actually dying. Well,
the doctor that treated him was very concerned about this and
was, made sure he did not develop this aseptic necrosis.
Now two years later – fast forward to two years later – he
gets into a car accident, has complaints about pain in the
hip. The doctors take x-rays, they don’t see anything. But,
what happens is aseptic necrosis takes at least a year to develop
– so, that you can see on MRIs. And about a year afterwards,
after his constant complaints, they did an MRI that actually
showed the aseptic necrosis. But what was fascinating was is that
the insurance doctor that was hired to examine this gentleman
looked at the MRIs but did not recognize the aseptic necrosis.
So, it was no where in his report, and when I got him on
the stand at trial, he had to admit that, “No, I didn’t even
see that when I examined it.” So, that gives you an example
– really – of how much effort these people put into trying
to give a fair evaluation. If you’ve been involved in an
automobile accident in Florida, the insurance companies will not
hesitate to go out and get the testimony they need to try and
defeat your claim. You’re going to have questions, you’re going
to have some concerns, and you’re going to need help.
Call me, we can answer your questions, we can help you,
we can address your concerns. 561-659-1999. I’m Dave
Glatthorn, thanks for watching!

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