What is Fracture Filling? Today, we are in the Gold and Diamond Park
to show you the new IDL headquarters.  The new office is fully-equipped with advance testing instruments
for diamonds and colored stones, for naturals and synthetics. And this here is the training room, specifically intended
for learning about diamonds and colored stones.  There is also a dedicated room for sealing the stones
and photography of jewels and colored stones. Fracture filling is a treatment applied to diamonds
to hide the visibility of internal fractures and so trying to improve the clarity grade of the diamond. It is done by using “heavy” liquid glass that
penetrates the stone and fills the fracture. This glass contains “lead” and has a high refractive index,
close to the diamonds refractive index. And that is why the visibility of the fracture is mostly reduced. Fracture filling has to be disclosed upon the sale
and on the certificate it is mentioned under the comments. If you want to be an expert, grow your business and get more sales, Get your staff trained by Dr. Francesco Natale, Chief Gemologist of International Diamond Laboratories.

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