Fractured Space: TDS Equalizer Ship Guide

greetings captains the TDS equalizer is a generalized support craft they are fast and maneuverable and support their allies with a variety of specialized abilities it is not an easy craft to master and captains should be aware of the challenge this vessel presents in the right hands though the ship is a serious force multiplier and can significantly improve Italy’s chance of victory the equalizers boost gate launches a distortion field which accelerates any allied ship passing through it this massive increase in performance only lasts two seconds but can propel a full fleet into an unexpected attack position or give a much-needed boost to their escape the purge pulse removes detrimental effects such as ambush mark target or harpoon on all allies present within the broad sphere of the pulse the equalizer also carries negative cat mod boys affecting capture rates and giving your team a significant tactical advantage the siphon smart gun is the equalizers primary weapon an effective mid-range weapon the smart gun combines TBS partial tracking technology with siphon technology which leeches a small amount of health from the target while healing the equalizer although only a small amount it can help keep the ship functional in combat the plasma torpedo is the default long range load out on the equalizer besides the initial impact and explosion damage the torpedo also carries a heavy payload of plasma which continues to damage the enemy after impact alternative load outs can be unlocked which prioritize either the plasma or the kinetic damage the equalizer exists to harass the ship moves with unparalleled speed kiting enemies out of formation and capturing unguarded objectives the ability to increase the thrust of its allies with the unique boost gate ability makes the equalizer a valuable ally and a deadly foe the equalizer is able to confer huge speed to even the biggest slowest ships pop your boost gate in front of a colossus or gladiator to get the best possible value out of the ability don’t go looking for conflict the equalizer is supremely agile so keep moving to kite your enemy out of formation at the same time look out for any undefended capture points as you’ll usually get there first a stationary equaliser won’t stay in the battle for longer keep the ship on the fringes of battle and do not engage more powerful combat ships under any circumstances the equalizer comes into its own against slower foes able to outpace and out range many of them the ship will dart across the conflict zone drawing fire away from more vulnerable allies as it disrupts the enemy formation drawing bloodthirsty opponents out of their place to give chase the ship can easily outrun them leaving the fleet’s plans in tatters as such it can work well to clear the way for heavy such as the zarok gladiator or the USR Colossus the equalizers boost gate also makes this an effective capturing force camp gamma time the equalizer fares less well when it is relied upon as an attacking force it doesn’t boast a huge damage output so being escorted by a czarek enforcer or a TDS interceptor is a good idea to ensure that maximum advantage can be gained in the confusion creates opponents with a mobility inhibiting ability will be able to negate the equalizer a colossus is disabled or a rangers detect slower ability will leave the faster ship floating in space and outgunned similarly any frontline combat ship with a well deployed blink ability can cause trouble for the equalizer as Zarek hunter can give effective chase blinking to make up for the shortfall in sheer pace also be on the lookout for enemies with area-of-effect weaponry the Colossus again features here with its flack while the pioneers voice charges are another threat that’s it from me captain’s good hunting you

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