26 thoughts on “Fractured Space: Zarek Centurion Ship Guide”

  1. This ship is not what the game needed. It's a colossus on steroids with an aoe that can one shot any light ship. WHY

  2. This ship…. This ship is borderline busted… It's almost too good if in a well coordinated team. Pair this ship in a team with a Ghost and the damage stack is unreal. Just watch as a Destroyer or Colossus just melt right in front of you. If you're on the fence about getting this ship, just get it. It's awesome and the 5 or so matches I've played I've owned in this thing.

  3. u can also have a displacer behind u, and whilst u charge up your aoe blast the displacer pushes u into enemy formations, he also has fighters to give him a kinda point defense wich is down while charging

    or u have a levithian behind u that safely deploys beacon behind the shield, and sqishy attack ships like raven will also love to play arround with that ship, u can do many things 😉

  4. Okay…3 fails here!
    1. It says it is a heavy support but has the Icon of heavy defense
    2. Its stats say it is heavy on defense and bad on support
    3. The description says it has a length of ca. 1000 meter…nope it is surely 1600+ long 

    I really like the ship, but you should check your own description before you make it official 🙂

  5. I love everything about this ship, thank you so much ECG! I was wondering when your next ship release would be!

    Also it's not a huge deal but on certain ships such as the Leviathan and the Gladiator there has always been a problem with the jump animation, it's too small and phases inside the ship rather than surrounding it like it should.

    Not a huge deal but I thought it might be a good idea to bring it up.

  6. Wait hang on a sec the patch notes said it would have missiles? don't get me wrong boost is awesome but I was a little surprised

  7. Yeah, Centurion, unlike the Leviathan, has abilities that all synergize with itself……A boost to get into range, a shield to cover the reload, a good damage gun, a drone to sap energy to keep the shields up….synergy.

  8. I dunno, I woulda called this ship the Hoplite, since it uses their fighting style.

    Block attacks with the shield, drop shield, stab with spear (cannon) put shield back up to divert enemy's counter attack.

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