Genetic Engineering in South Park The Fractured But Whole – Episode 40

Talking about the drug cats? What?! K… O…k. Did we ever take a picture? I feel like we must have. I guess we haven’t. Alrighty. Filters, I didn’t put any filters. What are you talking about? Mmhmm. Did we take a picture? No, not with you Mysterion. We already got one. Trying to get it with Doctor Timothy. [laughs] It really has. But you’re gonna do it anyway, right? Oh we already took a picture. Alright. Nevermind. We must have took a picture, right? I can’t remember who I’ve taken
pictures with and who I haven’t. Nice. Oh, there better not be another crab… He really is. [laughs] Well, technically I got your dad into
jail so I don’t know if it evens out. Token Black? Your name is Black? What are we even supposed to be doing now? Right right right right. Um. Mephesto’s Genetics Lab. Which is what? What is it? Ok, it’s all the way here. Phew boy. Should I go straight there or should
I go do some side missions? Not really in the mood for a
side mission to be quite honest. I think I will just go straight there. Time to take down whatever that is. Ok, random creepy boat. Uh, who are you? Y-yea? Isn’t this the place where we threw the stick? What? Literally who? Seaman and swallow. It’s Seaman. [laughs] It’s like bootleg Aquaman. What? Yea I mean, kinda the same. I would also love to help a little
gay fish but I’m also busy. Dude, are you… Are you for real? Is this the fricking water level again? I literally do not have time for this. Boohoohoo. Is this a fish prince? Yea, apparently the farts are so powerful,
they can send you to heaven. Ooh. Did you say three million dollars? That’s all I heard. I didn’t
hear anything else after that. Valhalla. That’s your mom? But they’re already in heaven? Ohh, what’s happening? Oh god. Why does this game keep making me play like flappy bird? Like, seriously. No. Also, what does that have to do with me? I was never really– AHHH. F*ck. Into the whole flappy bird hype. I’m all about the helicopter game ok. Oh god. Why… F*ck, that was not my fault dude. You didn’t fall fast enough. Yea, can you please? Uh well, you’re f*cking dead. I guess you’re not going to heaven. Oh, it killed me. Wow, you really wanna
go to heaven, don’t you? Oh, thanks for giving me more health. Can you just give me infinite health? I mean, wasn’t she kinda already in heaven? I feel like this is heaven enough. Is it? This is the weirdest mission ever. You better
give me three million dollars after this. How long does it take to go to heaven? Oh, nope. Yea. Oh seriously? Yea, you might hit hell at this point. Oh god. Za what?! Oh no. Please. How am I supposed to… Oh god. Oh, oh boy. You know, maybe you don’t
deserve to go to heaven. If there’s this many obstacles. Argh f*ck. Are you for real? Jesus! I love how it just keeps giving you
more and more health. [laughs] Oh wow. Why don’t you just
put hearts times infinity? Oh god, almost fell down. You know, just take out all the columns. Just take ‘em all out, like I really
don’t need any columns. Take out all the columns. Take out the
fricking fire demon and we’re good. I mean at this point I can totally just screw
around, right? There’s infinite health. F*ck. Yea, I’m not trying to screw
this up. I’m just bad at this. Ah frick! You know what, you need to stop
copying these games anyway. The helicopter was the OG
and it was the best one. None of these other games matter. Genius. Goddammit. Yea, I’m not really paying attention anymore. I’m just… This is so dumb. Wha– Did you just hit the column? Ok. So I know I kinda died a couple times.
Can I still get like one million dollars? It means you’re gonna go to heaven soon. What is what? It’s Jesus? [laughs] Yea, you didn’t do anything. It’s like a very badly drawn Jesus. Well, I was kinda forced to. Literally who are you? Oh, is this the priest mission? I didn’t see him at all, so that was weird. That’s not a religion. This is an alignment. Uhh. So you know my brain says neutral, but my heart says chaotic so I gotta go that. There’s so many religions here. What if… I can’t remember what’s the difference
between agnostic and atheist. I am going to go with atheist. Because I am chaotic. [laughs] That sounds so ridiulous. I still got an economic level to set. But can I bring it back to earth?
Is that how it works, Jesus? Let’s get like really close. Uh, like really get in there, Jesus. Hashtag blessed. Wait what? Who the heck is that? Moses?! Oh. Thanks Jesus. It’s the weirdest experience– Oh god. Well, well, well. What? They’re just listing everything that you are. “Dialogue tree.” Dang Cleetus. Every time we pick a thing,
we have to fight these guys. Good god. Of course. Physics. PHY-sics. I wish you could attack in a row. You’re gonna be turning the other butt cheek. Slightly different beliefs. How could you hit me dude? Jesus is my friend. It’s the rudest thing ever. Yea, I put a hex curse on you. She prays to satan. Alright, enough of that. Um. I’m not really close enough
but whatever, I guess. And then you. Actually, you. Eh, whatever. Okie dokes, let’s set you on fire. Burn all your hair off. You’re feeling– Ah, can’t get to you. Dang it. Da-dang it. How about this guy? Oppressing your belief system. Yes, there is. You have 1 HP left? Good lord. Begone demon. Ha! We did, we really did. Ok. So that’s like everything, right? Is there anything beyond this? I guess it loops around. Maybe. Let’s activate this first. Stark’s Pond. Alright. I know your mind blown. Ok fish. Jimbo’s fishing. Oh, got your P.O. Srange. Also this route isn’t shady at all. I think it does loop around though so. Why’s there just random
lava in this one tiny pile? So dumb. “Who is the Coon?” Did you put that up there yourself, Coon? Butters, still wants me to go to the bank. I’m sorry Butters, but it’s just not on the way. Guess I can come back for it later. What’s this? A secret. Oh. Something, something over here. Just scrap, I suppose. Oh god, more crab people. Ahhh. Hold, hold, hold, hold the fricking… That’s not quite the right one but it will have to do. So let me do this. And then whap. Does it work? Whap, whap, infinite whaps. Or I can just run away, I guess. Bye! Heh, such as tomorrow! Who is this? You the same newspaper reading dude? Like… in every newspaper reading whatever? Ok. How do I… get to the fricking place? This loops around, right? Yea, it loops around. I think. Um ok. Uh, who’s that? That’s really freaky. Ok, why did I end up back here? This is just a shortcut, isn’t it? Ok bye. How? What? How do I get there? I walked right– I walked back out. Oh, there’s a cat here though.
Let me nab that first. Ba-blam. And then freeze time just in case. Nab the little kitty. Mine now. Um, I think I already activated this. K, I… have clearly taken a wrong turn
somewhere so let’s go back. And attempt to go further up. Is it here? No. Here somewhere? Ok. Ok. Sure. Isn’t this just the fricking farm again?
Except it looks totally trashed now. It’s gonna be a whole goddamn maze again. Another recipe. Can I break this? Just making shortcuts, I guess. Yes you are. I love how the thing just looks
like a fricking lego piece. It’s literally just a lego piece. That’s what it is. Ok, until next time man. I gotta keep going. Downtown and… Mexico? I guess I’m going to Mexico. That doesn’t make sense. Oh hey guys. Yea, I’m here. Oh. Who is this? Tour? The night tour? Yea, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all. Who is that? South Park genetic engineering. I guess we’re camping here. [laughing] “How far away is that?” Yea, you know six hours is a long time, right?

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  1. Cw spitting straight facts here Flappy Bird was overrated af.

    Also, an atheist is someone who does not believe in any god while an agnostic is someone who is not 100% sure.

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