Get Stronger and Lose Fat at Kennesaw Mountain

hey you guys so today I am at Kennesaw
Mountain and this is the actual place where the Civil War had taken place
crazy look there’s an actual cannon right there from the Civil War miss my
boyfriend is hey hey hey hey huh like someone is in the hammock that’s a
very good yeah okay so here’s a history lesson
they have right that rifle pits the Confederates use it to prevent the main
infantry by higher up the mountainside from being surprised so they dug pits
across the base of the mountain all right few times and what I like about
this park is that it’s free to enter there’s so many parks in Atlanta that
will charge you and I so I’m gonna go work out this is just one straight
uphill like when you first come in oh my god that’s two dear but there’s
two of them oh my god
so we was a little bit more scared but now that I seen it there again I
realized like they see people all the time so I don’t think they’re going to
attack this same day it’s like I know this is a mountain but I’m still like
whoa this is all of you so pretty here my back almost he took some really good
pictures of me I’m had to show you there’s a ground
it’s go rocky you have to look down when you hike this because we almost tripped
a few times those two spots that I absolutely love this spot right here
because you can stop here and overlook this baby let’s just see a lot of people
stop here to take breaks and stuff I’m sorry hopefully I can show you guys
that the city kind of tree like in the way and this is how it looks once you
reach the first part of the top of the mountain
cases like this parking lot oh my gosh I feel go uphill these stairs and honestly
if you can’t make it back down there and have a bus better pick you up there’s
black jade mountain western Atlantic Railroad Stone Mountain which I want to
go there I’m gonna take you guys there is so nice try to Ho Chi River Marietta
Smyrna and I’ll answer and you look up very important to stay hydrated let’s go
this way you gotta work out
okay that’s what I need to work on that’s the best I was talking about so this is something that I haven’t seen
before to have like snow closer popsicles or
something like that to purchase once you come up the meadow I’m saying I didn’t
know that we had to sew buttons at the time there is the st. Louis Rams and
then I didn’t know about the Kansas City Chiefs I thought that was in Kansas
can’t City Kansas not Kansas City Missouri
honestly alright so if y’all want to learn about the cannons it says first of
all it was at the dark when the Confederates dragged their own rightful
candidates up a mountain now I doesn’t hike this mountain all
without no cannon and I barely made it sound of how I did that now they said
despite steady rainfall the Federals and the Confederate bombarded each other
intimately day and night for a week god bless their heart but look at this when
I tell you I’m tired and they didn’t drag something like this up this Rocky
Mountain Lake House a look at my booth here on the phone plus the game you
don’t have guys look watching the game and I’m all he ever trying to find out
what’s the score whatever what game is on by the way what can I do we miss
Falcon in the Colts coach with a nd Apple is huh I knew that high five I
knew that he said we cute or whatever
you know so while we’re taking a break I just wanted to know like where should we
go next do you guys like these hiking videos or
like do not know because there’s so many more places I want to go – like this I’m
thinking about going there next but anyway if you like those please comment
below let me know if you never been to Lana will please have you heard of that
you would like me to go to because I love to explore I’m not from here either
so I’m just being a tourist and my new city and she’s an Atlanta native cuz I said I wasn’t gonna date anybody
from Atlantis I came here to you know I was just like I’m gonna be a boss yeah
I’m gonna work forget man you know look he met me he was like you know I
normally approach women I had to talk to you I don’t like girl get over yourself he’s the calm one and I’m the talkative
one the yin to my yang the thought to my pepper the milk to my cereal the
kool-aid okay we should probably finish hiking kind of rainy but then you’re the
better hurry guys finally going downhill you gotta box of the plan of the rocket
and now we’re heading towards the road it’s coming down first he had to take a
picture seems like this is so pretty you know what I’m looking at look like these
dares take you on another trail okay remember how I was saying how they got
these book can’t these huge canyons up this mountain so it said June 1864 there
were no pathways existed on the little Kennesaw Mountain
so Confederate leaders saw that its crest will make an ideal artillery
position but only while officers built it the cannon could be hauled up there
so this major volunteers troops to do it they used axes and ropes they clear down
swaths of trees up the peak east side in less than an hour
like how but during the night of June 19th 100 man assigned to each cannon our
guns were pulled up into position our little King us off I think that’ll be
our last history lesson of the day but look at how they did this I mean I had a
bunch of man hauling a cannon up a mountain they say yeah it was they said
there was no pathways according to this so they chopped down all them trees with
an hour and halt these all these may halt this cannon of the mountain
they created pathway history so we’re going to get down this mountain it’s the
easy little stove pretty so this huge field here is where some of the battle
took place in this big old field and sometimes they have cannon
demonstrations where they will like fire off the cannon like the cannon actually
still works and they were doing in this field right here and if you never heard
a cannon go off it’s like SuperDuper loud we missed out on the demonstration
of it hope you guys liked this vlog please like comment and subscribe see
you next time goodbye it he’s all over it he’s so excited by it

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