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My name is Brandon Smith, and my fitness
tracker keeps me motivated and moving. I try to get 15,000 steps a day, that’s
kind of my goal. I can tell a difference with having a desk job at work. I’ll sit
down for hours at a time, where now my watch will give me a reminder that I
need to get up and walk around every hour on the hour or I need to get a
certain amount of steps. It keeps me on track throughout the day. For the
majority of people, is that it gives them some level of engagement into their own
health, and that is a huge step. It’s a huge hurdle for a lot of patients. I
found out I had gout when I was in my early 20s, and then I found out a had
kidney failure when I was 26. I knew I had health problems and that was
probably the peak what my peak weight at that age as well. I knew I need to make
some some health changes. When I was diagnosed with kidney failure, they, the
doctors had thought it would be five years or so before I would need
a transplant or go on analysis. They also said that if I can manage my weight and manage my health, manage my food, and it would help delay that process and
help help keep me healthier. For people who are, you know, tracking
something specific to their own illness, diabetes, congestive heart failure, those
types of things, they have even more invested interest in tracking this
information. I’m definitely very competitive, so we do
step competitions throughout the week where my family and I and friends
will see how many steps we can get out throughout the workweek and also
throughout the weekend. There’s been times where my mom and I have both been
up at 11 o’clock at night and have the close to the same amount of steps and both of
us are just walking around the house to try to beat each other. If you get
excited about monitoring something, you’re more likely to stick with it, It’s definitely kept us active even in winter months where we’ll go walk at Wal-mart or
a different store. Or, we’ve even done scavenger hunts at stores just to kind
of get some steps in when it’s snowy and cold outside. So my bottom line is
that if it improves your engagement in your own health, and if it keeps you on
track for your goals, then I think they’re a great tool. The thing that’s
worked best for me is that I’ve set the tracker to where I know when I hit my daily
goal tracker so I know how far I am from it, and I also have an hourly alarm that
goes off if I haven’t got up and got around at all so I know when I need to
move. And then also setting my my sleep schedule where I get an alarm to go to
bed. Those those three things have kind of are probably the biggest thing
for me. When I don’t have one on my wrist, I can really tell the
difference in my being active. I’m somebody that needs to have a constant
reminder that I need to be active and have some sort of accountability. you

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