Grapefruit, Kidney Disease and Your Medications

Hey there! It’s Mathea Ford with and I’m talking to you today about Grapefruit, Kidney Disease and your
Medications. I know that a lot of you take a variety of medications for
different conditions. Typically kidney disease isn’t the only thing that you’re
working on so when you first start taking a medication one of the
interactions that they probably didn’t tell you about is an interaction with
grapefruits or grapefruit juice. So, I want to go over that with you
because I think it’s really important that you understand how your medications
and your food interact. A lot of times we see food is kind of benign or
nonreactive but foods can be significant in their
effect on you whether it’s grapefruit juice thing I’m getting ready that’s a
grapefruit thing I’m talking about or it’s just generally eating more organic
more healthy less fat, all that type of things can cause you to be healthier. So
I’m gonna put in the comments the link to the article that I’m talking about
and that link is really important because it has a link to the article
that you can get more information about what specific medications are affected. I got I get questions about grapefruits and grapefruit juice and how
does it affect my kidney disease and I’ve known for a long time as a Registered
Dietitian that grapefruit does interact with kidney disease.
Not Kidney disease but with medications but I’ve also and so that’s the reason I
used to write menus for hospitals and that’s one of the reasons why I did not
put grapefruit or grapefruit juice on the menu was just because it interacted
with so many medications and so it’s important to understand that whether
you’re trying to be careful or not you may think grapefruit juice is healthy
and it can be as long as it’s not interacting with your medications so I
just want you to be aware of this can do potential interaction that could happen.
This research that is in the article that I posted is new information about
medications and it has about 43 medications that are known to cause
serious adverse effects and that can be things like sudden death, acute kidney
failure, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, bone marrow
suppression, kidney toxicity and other serious side effects so those are pretty
big deals and I want to explain to you what happens that causes this to be a
problem so I always want you to talk to your doctor about any sort of
medications that you’re concerned with so never should you stop taking a
medicine or change significantly the amount that you’re taking or anything
like that until you talk to your doctor and that can be as simple as calling
their office so this is not like you have to make an appointment and wait
three weeks and whatever.Call the office and ask the specific question. If they
think you need to come in they’ll work you in. But I want you to know that
this research so if you have a medication that you take that affects is
affected by grapefruit juice, you may think “Well I’ll just take it earlier in
the day and then my medicine that I take with the grapefruit interacts with is later”
and what I learned from reading this article and understanding is that the
interaction can occur later in the day so it may be you know five six hours
apart eight hours apart and it still can
affect you and even a small amount of grapefruit juice like four ounces can
affect how much your absorption is changed. So, let me tell you what happens. When you take a medicine whatever it is generic whatever your body absorbs a
percentage of that medication so your body for example, with let’s talk
about glucophage for example if you’re getting a 200 milligram pill [these are
just made up numbers] 200 milligram pill then you maybe only absorb a hundred
milligrams but your doctor knows to prescribe you 200 because 100 milligram
is gonna be absorbed and that’s basically what they’re basing their
condition on so then they prescribe they know okay this is the amount absorbed. What can happen with grapefruit juice is that it interacts with an enzyme that’s
in your body that affects your absorption of medications and so it
actually negatively affects that enzyme that slows the absorption and it causes
you to absorb more of the medication so that’s where your kidney toxicity and
your acute kidney failure and all that other stuff. If you took a medication
that your doctor prescribed to you the amount based on an expectation of a
certain level absorption of absorption and you all of a sudden are absorbing
double that or 30% more 50 percent more than the normal because this grapefruit
juice is affecting the amount that you absorb and allowing your body to absorb
more of it into your system then you can cause and have those problems those side
effects. You may think “Well, isn’t that good? Can’t he just then
prescribe me a 100 milligram pill and I’ll absorb all hundred milligrams?” Well,
it’s just not it doesn’t work that way and the research is such that when they
evaluate these medications they know how much without the grapefruit
interaction so it’s not a good thing to absorb more than you’re supposed to
there’s a certain range you know they expect you to absorb 80 to 120%
of this amount but they aren’t expecting you to absorb double or 30%
or whatever more. There’s a lot of medications there’s anti-cancer agents,
anti-diabetic agents, anti-infective agents, anti-inflammatory agents, so all those
things that help you with cancer or help with diabetes help you with pain and
suffering cardiovascular heart disease stuff. So these are all things that
people with kidney disease have usually take. Things for you’re controlling your
cholesterol central nervous system, estrogens, all those things. A lot of
different medicines so I just encourage you to hop on over to the website and
read the article and then click over to the information with the specific list
of medications that are affected and then always when you are getting your
medicine from the pharmacists ask them are there any food or drug interactions.
So those are important words food interactions and drug interactions to
the pharmacist typically is only thinking about medical drug interactions
it may even they may think about herbals. You may have to ask them specifically
food drug herbal supplement acts interactions because yesterday we
talked about kind of how that can be affected with alcohol so you want to
make sure that when you’re getting your medicine you pick it up are there any
food or drug or supplement interactions because the pharmacist should know okay
grapefruit juice shouldn’t take with this. That it’s what exciting things I
wanted to talk to you about today and I just think this is a very important
topic it’s very it can have a significant effect on you so I want you
to make sure that you know if you should be drinking grape fruit juice or not and
if you should be eating grapefruit because its a delicious fruit and it’s
actually okay to eat but it can affect your medicine so head on over to the
website enjoy your day and pick up the free meal
plans over there on the website and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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