Half Baked (2/10) Movie CLIP – Killing a Diabetic Horse (1998) HD

– l’m all out.
– [ Grunts ] l’m all out of food.
You ate it all. Gee, you must’ve been
so hungry. – [ Breaks Wind, Hits Ground ]
– Uh-oh. [ Screaming ]
Buttercup ! Buttercup ! [ Whimpering ] l need
an ambulance, now ! Officer down. l repeat:
Officer down ! What the hell
did you give my Buttercup ? l just gave him some candy
and some chips… and some pink popcorn
and some Funyuns– [ Grunts ]
This horse is a diabetic ! [ Grunting ]
Buttercup. Buttercup. Don’t you leave me.
Breathe, Buttercup. – Breathe.
– Breathe. Breathe. [ Screaming ]
Why ? – Why ?
– [ Joining ln ] Why ? – You’re under arrest.
– What ? – You dumb son of a bitch !
– No ! l’m a– l’m a peaceful man. – l’m a schoolteacher !
– Shut up ! You’re a cop killer. Cop killer ?
l love horses. – l love horses.
– l love horses. – l love buttered stuff.
– Buttercup. – Say it.
– Butter nuts. – Cup. Cup.
– Cup. Cup. [ Sirens Wailing ] Why must you rage ?
Stop the hate, child. Bail is set at one million
dollars for the crime of killing
an officer of the law. And may God have mercy
on your soul, young man. – Court is adjourned.
– [ Man On P.A. ]
Back to your cells. Lockdown. [ lnmate ]
Good night, Fish. [ Several lnmates ]
Fish ! Fish ! Fish ! Fish ! Fish ! – My weed’s wearing off.
– [ lnmates Continue Chanting ]

100 thoughts on “Half Baked (2/10) Movie CLIP – Killing a Diabetic Horse (1998) HD”

  1. To know what happened to Killer you must first understand where he came from… He was born to a three legged bitch..

  2. Police: "Wha the hell did you give my Buttercup?!"

    Kenny: "I just gave him some candy and chips and some pink popcorn and some Funyuns…"

    Police: "THIS HORSE….IS A DIABETIC!!!"


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  4. lol i remember when i was little and i first heard the officer tell him the horse was a diabetic i knew right then he was goin to jail

  5. Some good ass weed if it lasted all through processing until he got to gen pop. Took me three days to get to gen pop and by then the coke and the acid had long since worn off. That first night in jail wasn't half bad tho LOL

  6. 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  7. they don't even try to hide the fact this was shot in toronto, the big Sam The Record Man sign is still up FFS

  8. I do not understand why the "stop the hate child" line is so funny, there is no reasonable explanation for it, but I have found it funny for many years since first seeing this movie.

  9. let me tell you about feeling like this when you've been falsely accused from the school teacher Stoner to a cop killer all because he wanted to feed the horse some popcorn and went a little overboard

  10. Pizza Pizza on the corner of Yong st & Elm in Toronto – across from the old Sam's flagship store. I've eaten many a slice in that Pizza Pizza! …never killed a horse there, though.

  11. All I wanted to do is give the horse in apple how was I supposed to know he was a diabetic then what the f*** is that anyways a diabetic with like he's eating candy bars or something to get himself sick

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