Health effects connected to menopause

Are there other health effects that come
out of menopause you mentioned high blood pressure does his high blood
pressure something that can occur after menopause and connected to menopause I
know it may be hard to make a causal relationship so cardiovascular risk does
increase for women after menopause and that’s why in years past the thought was
that if we maintained women on hormone replacement therapy that would
reduce their risk one of the things we see in menopause is a worsening of the
lipids the cholesterol profile but unfortunately that did not bear out to
be true that’s why they don’t recommend long term hormone
replacement so cholesterol cardiovascular issues once menopause
goes away if you will what are the main key risk factors then for women okay so
the symptoms of menopause you mean once they yeah once the symptoms of menopause
itself never goes away right yes so you enter this stage of menopause so for
older women we mentioned osteoporosis there is an increased risk of
cardiovascular disease as there is for men as well and for and there is an
increased risk for men as well in osteoporosis and there is right now
there’s not enough evidence to point us to screening men routinely so there’s no
set age where we would recommend to a man at this point that he have a bone
density exam but we certainly do recommend it for men who have had a
fracture if you have a vertebral fracture for example you should be
evaluated for osteoporosis injury

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