Do you think that to live to old age and maintain
good health is unrealistic? Experts do not think so. After all, our health depends on ourselves! Everything is in our power, and it is not
so difficult. The main thing is to devote more time and
attention to yourself, choose the right balanced diet, perform daily physical exercises to
keep your back muscles and spine in good shape, develop joints and, of course, say goodbye
to bad habits. Today in our video we will talk on the topic
of youth and longevity foods. So, what are these products that will preserve
our health until old age? Magic Seven:
1. The first on our list of healthy foods is
an apple. And this is no coincidence. Indeed, in one apple all the necessary vitamins
and microelements are concentrated, which contributes to the correct and durable operation
of the “motor” of our body – the heart. In addition, apples have such a beneficial
substance as quercetin. It has the ability to reduce the harmful effects
of free radicals, which is indispensable in the fight against cancer cells. Also, apples contain a large amount of valuable
fiber, which is very important for weight loss, because it is fiber that improves bowel
function, helps to eliminate toxins from the body. You can eat just raw apples. But the most useful are baked ones, it is
during baking beneficial potassium, calcium and magnesium are formed. In addition, in this form, fiber is better
absorbed by the body. Eat one apple daily and you will not need
a doctor. 2. The second useful product to maintain the
youth of our body is carrots. This bright, cheerful vegetable is rich in
beta-carotene, which has a positive effect on eyesight and improves the condition of
human skin. And in order for beta-carotene to be absorbed
faster, carrots must be consumed in combination with oil or sour cream. This vegetable is also famous for its ability
to fight cancer cells. By eating carrots regularly, you will reduce
the likelihood of cancer by 40%. And this fact has long been proven by scientists. 3. Garlic. You won’t find any top 10 healthy food videos
without it. By eating just a few cloves of garlic per
day, you protect yourself from cardiovascular disease, the common cold, and oncology. This root crop contains substances that prevent
blockage of blood vessels and also their purification from cholesterol plaques. Therefore, garlic is recommended as a prophylaxis
for heart diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis. All these diseases begin to overcome us with
age. And it is garlic that will prevent their onset,
and, therefore, extend our life. In addition, the use of garlic improves digestion
and boosts immunity. 4. Dairy products are useful at any age. They start the work of the stomach. In addition, with age, it is desirable to
reduce the consumption of meat and fish. Where to easily get digestible protein then? From fermented milk products such as kefir,
fermented baked milk and yogurt. In addition to protein, these products are
rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is so necessary for bone tissue, teeth, nails, as
well as for blood vessels and heart. Such foods must be in your diet every day. After all, the body does not produce such
important calcium in old age on its own. Taking fermented milk products will protect
you from heart disease and osteoporosis. 5. Green tea is considered the most useful of
all varieties of tea. It contains flavanoids (catechins) and vitamin
C, which prevents premature aging of the body. In addition, green tea has anti-inflammatory
and antibacterial properties. And thanks to the ability to fight free radicals,
which leads to the oxidation of the body, has a rejuvenating effect. 6. Soy. This plant in recent years is increasingly
gaining popularity among people who adhere to a healthy diet and vegetarianism. This is due to the fact that soy contains
vegetable protein, not inferior in value to the animal. In addition, the high content of B vitamins
and lycetin in this grain strengthens the nervous system and improves memory. It is for these reasons soybeans are classified
as longevity products. 7. Fish. This is a very useful product. The beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
contained in fish are the building blocks for brain cell membranes. In addition, these acids lower the level of
bad cholesterol. Also, iodine and phosphorus, which are so
rich in fish, are very necessary for the thyroid gland and the maintenance of the nervous system. It is advisable to eat fish of fatty varieties,
such as salmon, trout, mackerel and halibut. After numerous studies, the scientist found
that people who lived to be 100 or more, ate foods such as barley groats, oatmeal, nuts
and beans, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, olive oil and turmeric. Green and herbal teas were also preferred
to other drinks. Include at least three products from this
list in your diet daily, and you will surely have time to spend with the great-grandchildren. Health and longevity to you, our dear subscribers!

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