How a busy therapist reversed Type 2 Diabetes through fasting and low carb!

(laughter) Uh I’m Dr Tanuja Prem, I’m a psychotherapist, special educator and a life coach. I came here on 4th of March Mei 4th of March ko jab is saal yahaan (I came this March) 2019 mein aayi toh mein bahut gabhrayi (and I was very scared) hui thi kyuki (because) mein pain mein (I was Ji rahi thi (living in pain) mera liver enlarged tha (my liver was enlarged) spleen enlarged tha (my spleen was enlarged) creatinine levels were all shot uh Hba1c 9 plus tha dangerously touching saying hello to 10 aur (and) BP ke liye (for my BP) mei uh mera BP (my BP) bahut bahut (was very very) high tha (high) Doctor ne kaha ki (the doctor said) agar walk karoge ( if I walk) toh stroke ho jayega (you will have a stroke) toh tum bed rest lete raho (so take bed rest) I said I’m not that kind of person phir hum (then I) I had actually run away from her in 2016 toh 2016 ke baad (so after 2016) jab mein 2019 (when I came in 2019) mei aayi toh mujhe itna mei itna sharma rahi thi (I was so embarassed) aane se dar rahi thi (and afraid to come back) aane se lekin doctor ne (but doctor said) kahan dont worry I am here for you. In spite of being a psychotherapist I knew what I had to do But I didnt do it. Okay? And then she guided me she said you just start fasting and see how life will change. 4th of March was really a life changing day for me I used to wear 6XL kurtas (tops), Today I am in a XXL And I am going to move on I just shared in the morning with my husband I bought an XL skirt! (laughing) (group laughter) Okay so I am moving towards XL very soon and hopefully to a large this is life changing which has happened absolutely because of fasting meri sari medication (all my medications) bandh hai (have been stopped) abhi mujhe kahi (Now if I ever) bukhar jaisa (have a fever) ya khasi ho (or a cough) koi kehta hai (and someone says) ek davaai kha lo (take some medicine) mei kehti hu (then I say) nahi mei ruk jaoongi (I say, no, I will wait) my body will heal itself I dont want any medications anymore fasting matlab poora din (so you mean, fasting, all day?) karte hai, kaise karte hai (how do you do it?) Haan Ji (yes exactly) haan ji , jaise doctor ne (as per the doctor) guide kiya hai (per their guidance) waise hi fasting karte hai (that’s exactly how I fast) Start with 12 hours,14 hours aise karke (this way, by building) build karke ek hi baar (just once) maine 90 hours kiya (i fasted 90 hours) woh bhi kyuki (just because) mujhe man hi nahi (I just wasn’t) ho raha tha (interested) kuch khane ka (in eating anything) aur jaise doctor guide karte hai (and exactly as the doctor guides) ki aap uh unprocessed food khao (to eat unprocessed foods) protein zyaada (increase your protein) mei protein deficient thi (my diet was protein deficient) abhi (now) absolutely on track Hmm, and diabetes numbers? 5.6 going down steadily woh bhi aam khaake (that too, despite mangoes) jab mei khati hu (when I do eat) aam bhi kha rahi hu, toh chocolate cake bhi kha rahi hu (I eat mango and cake too) aur sab kuch khar rahi hu (and I am eating everything) so you know I can see the change I can feel the change aur fasting (and for fasting) mei sab log bolte hai (people always say) upwas ka khaana khao (eat fasting dishes) tum bahot “delicate” lag rahi ho (you’re looking delicate) thak jaogi (you’ll get tired) lekin aisa kuch bhi nahi hai (But it’s nothing like that) mein har jaga (I run workshops) country mein workshops bhi karti hu (all over the country) poora poora din (All day long) aise khade rehke (I stand just like this) batein karti hu (and talk) and uske baad (and despite that) meri energy level kuch low nahi hota (my energy levels are not low) Dr Roshani: Fasting? You fast and do it? Fasting. Fasting. Yes. I work whilst fasting. And I find it so much more fun. Audience: you’ve reduced your blood pressure medicines also? Yes. I was taking 80 mg of olmesartan per day. Now I’m absolutely medicine free. That’s the fun, no? (laughing) Yeah, that’s the fun, exactly! toh, aisa toh kuch nahi hain ki do-do ghante pe khao (so there’s no need to eat every two hours) agar koi (if someone) every two hours if you keep eating in diabetes type 2 diabetes kabhi jaega hi nahi (type 2 diabetes will not reverse) you cannot reverse it like that So, thank you Thank you!

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