How Bumblebee Should Have Ended

This video is sponsored by YouTube Movies and Shows Click the link in the description for more information on how to rent or buy bumblebee today and watch directly on YouTube Look out! Can someone please explain to me why you dropped napalm on your own guys! Negative. There are no live fire drills in the north west sector. Then what the heck hit us then? Hello! Hi! Sorry. Is everyone alright? Whaaaaat? A talking robot! My name is B12 7. I’m a good guy. It’s probably pretty alarming I’m sure. But actually I’m here from another planet to protect Earth. Oh. Whew! I was about to send the army to attack you. Hahahaha! Thought you were you were the enemy Well. I’m glad you didn’t. that would’ve sucked. No. No, I’m not the enemy but uh… That guy is. Say what now? AAAAAAGH! You have people who need you and so do I. I gotta let you go B (NO) (You don’t) I don’t? (No no no no) I can stay with you? (YEAAAAH) (Let’s stay together!) I thought it would be too complicated to remain friends (Wha’chu talking about Willis?) I was about to break up with you! (I really wanna be by your side!) Sweet! Whoo hoo! YEAH! Ah! Much better! There you go. Good as new! Thanks, Ratchet. This is so much easier than scanning radio waves. It’s weird hearing you talk now. I was too used to your radio voice Well, I did have a voice long before I was forced to talk through a radio so… too bad. Great work, B127 It’s actually, Bumblebee now. Oh, that’s good We all have normal names anyway, so I wasn’t sure why you kept using that number name for so long. Haha as I was saying Because of you we have a chance to survive. How did you all get here? You were all surrounded in a flashback. I thought for sure you were dead. It is true. The Decepticons had me surrounded so I had to think fast. Oh my goodness. Look over there! An energon cube! What? Where!? Suckaz! Get him! Do not let him escape! Laserbeak, attack! RIP, Laserbeak! I fought as hard as I could. But there were too many. I thought I had lost the touch… I had lost the power This was the end of Optimus Prime But then I remembered one of my favorite phrases No matter the cost. So I transformed into the enemy Hahaha! We’ve got you now, Pri… oh! You’re not an autobot! Indeed! He clearly has the Decepticon insignia so logically he must be one of us. Yes! I am too also a Decepticon! And I… hate… the Autobots Errrr! Bad Autobots! I think I saw one go that way! Excellent! Let’s get him you fools! Decepticons superior! Autobots inferior. It was indeed my darkest hour. And I have never felt more shame. But it allowed me the chance to escape? Wow What a story! So the good news is we made it! But the bad news is the Decepticons figured it out and actually followed us here. Great. Mwahahahahaha! I am MEGATRON! So yeah Megatron must be stopped again. I mean I assume he must be stopped. I don’t know what he’s actually gonna do yet, but I am sure that it will need stopping. Decepticons, ATTACK! Wait, Lord Megatron! Aren’t you supposed to be frozen and looking for the Allspar… Oh not again! NO! We’re not doing that! Ever! You shot me! You shot me right in the arm! Um hello! I’m still alive I’m only very badly hurt. This is your car? you must be so embarrassed! Oh, I want to say that if I were you Why? It’s a piece of trash. AAAAAAAAAGGGGgggggggghhhhhhh! Haahahaha! Hey, thanks for watching if you’ve made it this far chances are you’re like us and you like to watch movies? Well did you know that you can buy or rent full-length movies and shows right here on YouTube? Just visit youtube movies and shows to see the huge collection of new releases, blockbusters, classics and more. there are even lots and lots of movies we’ve given the how should a minute treatment. check it out So if you haven’t seen bumblebee, or you want to see it again, it’s available to buy or rent on youtube right now Just follow the link in the description or click the link in the endcards. Thanks again for watching. We’ll see you next time Bye!

100 thoughts on “How Bumblebee Should Have Ended”

  1. So if bumblebee dropped at the 1800’s

    How did HE fight the nazis

    WW2 was in 1600’s

    And bumblebee doesnt remember that old MAN from the castle

    So there might be Time warpers. They are an extension of another faction
    They are almost extinct because of the war

    and that’s how bumblebee fought the nazis

    Or there might be another bumblebee

  2. Love the fact that they got onslaught in this, AWESOME, fav decepticon, and combiner leader. but most of all, love the references and the ending. BTW, Lazerbeak, nooooooo!, poor Soundwave =(

  3. 2:22 onlslaught and skywarp !!!,2:23 thunderckracker and skywarp !!!2:24 dirge and hook !!! 2:26 shockwave !!! 2:34 soundwave !!! 2:42 thurst ,onslaught,astritrain and skywarp !!! 2:56 kickback !!! Nostalgic for g1 !!!!

  4. Decepticon:wait Megatron aren't you supposed to be frozen and looking for the all spark?
    Megatron: shoots him, were not doing that ever…ever

  5. It was my darkest hour…..
    I was ashamed.
    Like if you love the tiny part at the end.

  6. Whoever voiced Optimus deserves to take the lead if Peter needs a replacement. Matter of fact, all these actors need medals!

  7. Just rewatched this after forever, can't tell you how happy I am upon reinspection that I recognized every single 'bot in your version! Here's to hoping the next one is this good!

  8. Anyone else notice this movie is very similar to Giant Robot? I mean how many giant robots become amnesiac and befriend a kid to fight the government?

  9. This was actually the first and only Transformers movie I saw. But even though I kinda liked it, I thought they still copied too much of the legendary Brad Bird film Iron Giant. In both movies a robot from space falls on earth during the Cold War and lose memory of who they were and befriend a kid whose dad is dead. Both robots are hunted by the government thinking it is a monster. Then the kid protects it and gets hurt and the robot goes ballistic and attacks the army until the kid assures him he or she is alright and the robot calms down. As an Incredibles fan I had to speak my opinion, sorry if offended viewers who haven’t seen the Iron Giant and feel disappointed about how they felt this was the best Transformers movie.

  10. How did you all get here, you were all surrounded in that flashback I thought for sure you was dead😂😂😂 that is true tho

  11. 2:24 G1 Movie reference.
    Also I like how Ironhide is clearly drawn with the Masterpiece as reference and Jazz on one of the 3rd Party MP-style figures.

  12. I also like how the only things that "should've ended" was just the arrival scene of Bumblebee on Earth and his departure from Charlie(whom I now like more than Sam). The rest was just fan-interpretation of how Optimus escaped Cybertron. Just shows how perfect the movie already is.

  13. I liked that little reference to the 86 movie bumblebee does the same in the movie when he’s searching through the radio channels he finds one and the song that’s playing is you got the touch by Stan bush referencing the original 86 movie which I thought was a nice touch (if you’ll pardon the pun) and really sweet, I hope that the bumblebee movie is a reboot of the franchise as I prefer the designs from this movie as to the bay movie versions and if it is in the next movie I hope bumblebee goes back to his Volkswagen Beetle design and somehow gets his normal voice back I also hope Megatron, starscream , soundwave (with his minions) maybe even skywarp and thundercraker and shockwave appear showing their journey from cybertron to earth 🌎🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx

  14. Even tho I can say this is as equally as nice to what Travis Knight did in the movie,I cant say the same of Bayformers

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