How Did You Develop Chronic Kidney Disease?

I have no family history no diabetes and
I went for a regular checkup probably my mid-20s and they found my
creatine levels quite high, so that was my family doctor at that time and they
seen there was a problem with my kidney, so they sent me to a nephrologist
and they said, “Eventually you’re gonna have problems with your kidney.” And over
the years I was very careful, not really, I was actually my mid-20s I still, you know, partied this and that, but I was still quite careful what I was eating and
everything and then and then it lasted till my, probably till my mid 40s, that’s
where I started losing energy and basically it was time to go on dialysis. When it got serious then I started, you know, getting desperate basically. “Why me?”
And I told my family members and then they went for tests and it wasn’t a
match. I even tried to, which was illegal, go overseas and get a kidney. Which I
did my research and it wasn’t really a good idea, because there’s a lot of cases
where people go overseas they don’t even come back. So I said I’d better stick
with the system over here and be patient. And the nurses at the Scarborough
General they’re very helpful, they educated me on the different types of
dialysis, which I had no idea basically that there were two different types of
systems and then I just accepted it and I chose the type of peritoneal is that was
suitable for my lifestyle. It became part of my life basically.

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