Roll it between your hands… (Laughs) And you roll it… (Laughs) Today I’m gonna make a really quick video just to demonstrate for you how to give yourself an insulin injection I know that a lot of people who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes are really worried about needing to be on insulin and worried about how on earth they’re going to inject themselves with insulin If it turns out that they end up needing it because the idea of injecting yourself… Is kind of scary and I’m not gonna lie I was definitely one of those people [who was scared] I wouldn’t say that I’m totally afraid of needles, but I definitely don’t care for them and usually if I’m getting a shot or a blood draw or something, I have to look away Like I can’t watch them doing it The idea of having injected myself really freaked me out a little bit because I was like, I can’t look away. I have to be looking at what I’m doing and I don’t know if I can do this And the first couple of days I had my husband do it for me just to kind of get used to the idea of injecting everyday But my husband is in the Navy, and aside from being away for stretches of time for underways, being out at sea He also has his duty once a week as well where he has to be gone the entire day And so I knew that I was gonna need to get used to the idea of doing it myself Sooner rather than later because when he was gone, I would have no choice So the good news is it actually wasn’t as hard as I was afraid that it [would be] Luckily, the needle is a very very thin it’s very tiny Even the ones that I first started out with that were longer It still just isn’t very bad because it is a very thin needle So most of the time it doesn’t hurt. In fact, a lot of times, I don’t feel it at all, And even if I feel it, it doesn’t necessarily hurt. As long as I don’t hesitate too long I mean, that’s really the first trick- is don’t hesitate If you go to do it really, really slowly, you’re gonna just be poking your skin slowly and then it is going to feel sharp to you and that is going to kind of hurt or pinch a little bit so you just want to go for it and just get it in there and You’ll find that it actually hurts less to do it quickly like that Than to hesitate or do it slowly. Now hopefully you have a good doctor like I do, where they will have either the doctor themselves, or a nurse or some kind of medical professional will help teach you how to do it But this video is kind of also moreso for people who may not necessarily be on insulin yet, but they’re kind of afraid of potentially needing to be on insulin, or they know that it’s coming and they kind of just want to get an idea of what it’s like Of course you want to defer to any instructions that you’ve been given by medical professionals, if they tell you to do something differently than how I do it, Please listen to them. I’m not a medical professional. But I just want to show you how I was taught to do it from my gestational diabetes nurse and just show you that it really is a lot quicker and easier and not as bad as you might think and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to it I’ve been doing it since 16 weeks I’m 36 weeks now at the time of making this video, so it’s been quite a long time of me injecting myself every single day And like I said- I really, really don’t like needles. So if I can do it, you can do it! So without further ado Let me just show you what I mean as far as the steps on how to give yourself that insulin First, you take your insulin, you roll it between your hands a few times and mix it up then you Got some alcohol wipes You wanna…right on top for about ten seconds… Okay, take your syringe Take off the caps And then you want to pull it to whatever your dose is So for me, that’s 12 and then you can take… your vial put it in Push in the air And then pull it back out you want to do it kind of slowly because if you do it too fast, It’ll fill with a lot of air Then you want to flick it a little bit Get the bubbles to rise, And then you push out the excess until your dose If there’s still any bubbles You might have to push it back in but I don’t have any, so we’re good. Next, you’re gonna take that alcohol swab You’re gonna swab the area you’re gonna inject There’s a few different places on your body, but the sides is a good spot You just want somewhere really fatty and here’s a graphic to show you some other options with the exception of your upper arms, you want to go at a 90 degree angle So when that’s dry, You just stick it And then slowly inject it. If you do it too fast, it’ll sting And then you wait five seconds Before you take it out And [you’re] all done! Now if you want more information about gestational diabetes I definitely have some other videos in the works that I’m going to make about it So if you aren’t already subscribed to my channel go ahead and hit that button so you don’t miss out on those videos As well as all my other pregnancy update videos and baby updates because he is coming very soon Thanks so much for watching. I appreciate each and every one of you Bye! (Pop sound) (“Payday” theme song concludes)

4 thoughts on “HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF INSULIN SHOTS – Gestational Diabetes 101”

  1. It's funny… I actually am in the medical field and I give insulin shots all the time. Giving them to myself is freaking me out though. It's absolutely absurd, but I keep thinking "what if I poke my baby in the brain!!" Thanks for posting. I need to go find my big girl pants.

  2. Oh boy…this is the 1st time i will be doing this and i am totally freaking out but i will do whatever I have to do to have a healthy baby…this video really helped me and thank you for sharing!!

  3. Ugh I start mine today after I go get one of the two meds I have to inject myself with. 😩
    I didn’t need it with my firstborn..9 years later being pregnant again and I have to do it. I can’t stand needles and I’m worried most about bubbles 😳
    This video really does help though and I’m glad you informed us about pushing the dose amount of air in before pulling the medicine through, that’s something I guess the nurses forgot to mention when they were telling me what I’ll have to do! 😱

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