How to KETO: Avoid, Beat & Control Type 2 Diabetes, naturally

So your blood sugar levels are normal
but what about your insulin levels? In this video, we talk about the ABCs of
reversing type 2 diabetes naturally Hey if we’re meeting for the first time,
my name is Lynette and I’m here to help you get back to the pink of health and
be beautiful naturally and today I’m on a quest to find out how to A – avoid, B – beat and C – control type-2 diabetes naturally just by choosing the right
foods and talking about foods, what foods do we avoid? Remember previously we
talked about how carbs turn into sugar in our bodies so very simplistically if
diabetes is the passing of sweet or honey tasting water then by reducing the
amount of carbs you actually reduce the amount of sugar that’s freely roaming in
your bloodstream. So why is there sugar in your bloodstream? Because you eat too much carbs. There’s too much rice, too much noodles, pasta, breads, potatoes
things like that and plus you don’t really exercise, you don’t have time and
so you don’t expend all of that which you’ve eaten and what happens is all of
these get converted to sugar and get stored up as fat and that’s what you
call a decrease in insulin sensitivity You end up feeling hungry all of the time
and you have cravings for carbs and it’s a vicious cycle you know because insulin
is the hormone that tells you when to eat when to stop eating. On top of that,
insulin is also the key that unlocks our cells to tell it to take in sugar to
either use it as energy or to store as fat and so if you think about it insulin
is actually that which keeps your blood sugar in perfect balance. So when you eat
too much carbs, you actually cause your pancreas to overwork and when it overworks, it has to produce more insulin to cope with the high
amounts of sugar that’s in your body and it’s worse if your cells are not taking
in the sugar, that’s how you end up having sugar floating about in your
bloodstream and that’s dangerous because that’s something called insulin
resistance and that can lead to pre-diabetes and eventually Type-2
Diabetes Now what I find most disturbing about insulin resistance is the fact
that it is one of five risk factors that increases your chances of getting heart
disease and stroke so you really need to pay attention if you’ve got insulin
resistance, excess belly fat, high blood pressure,
high triglyceride levels and low healthy cholesterol levels. But what if you are
skinny, you exercise, you eat well? It’s best to confirm with the test so as
for the insulin levels test to know for sure whether you develop health
complications later or not. If you are well and good that’s great! Don’t you
want to preserve what you already have? Now according to Dr. Sukol, insulin is
like money in the bank. It is finite. So if your pancreas has to constantly
overwork to produce high amounts of insulin to cope with high amount of
sugar in your body it’s bound to go wonky at some point so why not start
today don’t wait till it’s too late I challenge you cut out carbs from your
diet Substitute it with 70% good fat, 25%
protein and if you’re on medication already consider cutting on your carbs
as well so you reduce your dependence on pills as well. Okay so that’s a lot of
information to take in I know You’re most welcome to watch this video again or I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Good to inform on the cause of type 2 diabetes. Still, I don't really like fat, even the good ones. Now, usually is just 1 meat 1 vege.

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