HOW TO: Remove YEARS of calcium & mineral deposit build up on the side of your swimming pool!

Hey Guys it’s Jessica and I’m going to Show you real Quick how to Remove The Calcium Buildup From The Side of your pool so for example the Pool Tile it’s first to meet a backyard Swimming Pool Acquires That if You, don’t have Soft water Which A lot of People Here in Arizona I don’t have Soft Water Flowing Into Their pool so if you don’t have Soft Water then, you’re Going to get This Really ugly Calcium Buildup on the Side of the Pool and I’ll show you Right here so here it Is this is the Calcium Buildup I’m Talking about it’s Where the Water line Hits The Edge of the Tile and As you can See it goes all the Way Around the pool use my Hammer my Small Hammer and it will Get a little Rusty So Make sure that the Hammer Is not one of your Favorites but. Make sure it’s Small, We ross you might Break the Tile So what I’m gonna do Is I’m Just going to this stuff has Been Caked on for I don’t know 20 25 Years Since the House, was built Originally it’s Just a calcium Buildup With Mineral Deposits and Stuff that Just will come off With Scratching Or Scraping So, we’re Gonna use this Hammer here We go? I’m just going to hit it until you get a little bit of a Break and Watch Out for your eyes Cuz it May come back and hit ya hit your right Knee I see how it just Chips off So just Make Sure you kind, of go at it with an Angle And i would test it on a small Portion of Tile That’s not Right in The Middle of your Pool first to Make sure that the Hammer Can Withstand Or inside the Tile Can Withstand the Hammer Let’s See, how that Works Be extra Careful on Cornerstone Especially if They’re Exposed to the sun Because I had some Experience in The other Side of the Pool That Shit and it wasn’t very Pretty so just be extra Careful let’s See how it Ships right off no expensive Machinery or Services Just a Hammer your wrists a little Elbow Grease and a great Attitude so that’s it for Today thanks so much for Watching and If You liked this Video leave A comment Below or press like And Make Sure you subscribe so you can get the most recent and Updated Videos Like This Helpful Video Today See you next Time bye

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