I am the bone of my sword

I am the bone of my sword… Steel is my body… …and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades. Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life… Have withstood pain to create many weapons… Yet… …those hands will never hold anything. So as I pray… Unlimited Blade Works….

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  1. Ok folks, we now have the new teaser for the next Transformers season
    Transformers 6:Unlimited Blade Works

  2. I am the bone of my sword
    Light is in my heart
    and Friendship is my power
    I have fought over a thousand heartless,
    Unknown to Darkness
    Nor known to Light
    Have withstood pain to save many worlds
    Yet those hearts have darkness within them
    So as I pray

  3. What I Heard: ”I am the bone of my Shord.”
    What I red in the subtitles: ”i am the bone of my sword.”

  4. I am a man of hentai.
    Netorare is my life and ahegao is my sin.
    I have fapped over a thousand doujins.
    Unknown to bored nor known to tired.
    Have withstood pain of preyronie' disease.
    Yet this dick will never stop fapping.
    So, as i pray.
    Unlimited Hentai Works.

  5. I am the Demon of my soul
    My soul is cursed and my spirit is demonic
    I have launched over a thousand punches
    Unknown to time nor known to enemies
    Unlimited Time Skip ORAORAORAORAORAORA

    I dare you to guess who is this

  6. I am the butt of my cigarette
    Tobacco is my lungs and tar is my blood
    I have smoked over a thousand cigars
    Unknown to Health
    Nor known to Longevity
    Have withstood carcinogens to smoke many cigarettes
    Yet my addiction will be worse than anything
    So as I take this drag

    -Smoker Shirou Prime’s aria

  7. Optimus Prime: I am the bone of my trailer. Metal is my body and fire is my weapons. I have contact over a thousand Autobots. Unknown to rescue humans. Nor known to call help. I have withstood my power core to create many new weapons. Yet, those armory will never hold anything. So as I pray… Unlimited Autobots, Let's Roll Out Works!

  8. I am the bone of my plate

    Food is my body and beer is my blood

    Unkown to chefs, nor known to cooks

    Have witstood many dishes that filled my tummy

    Yet those dishes never hold anything

    So as I pray

    Unlimited Food Work

  9. I am the fat of my sword.

    Chesse is my body, and catupiry is my blood.

    I have cooked over a thousand homelets.

    Unknown to diet.

    Nor know to excercice.

    Have several burns to create many foods.

    Yet, those hands will never hold anything light.

    So as I pray, unlimited bacon works.

  10. As I'm still a student this is my one
    "I am the bone of my pencil

    Wood is my body and graphite is my blood

    I have studied countless of questions

    Uknown to stamina

    Nor known to brain damage

    Yet my soul shall never feel exhausted

    So as, I pray Unlimited students might"

  11. (Possibly lousy attempt at making an Unlimited Raise Dead chant below)

    I am the ashes of my bones
    My body was cursed, and my heart is hollow
    I have suffered through endless torment
    Unknown to normality,
    nor known to sanity
    Have withstood pain to watch centuries unfold
    But these hands shall never hold a treasure dear
    So, as I plead, Unlimited Raise Dead!

  12. Student here

    I am the tip of my pen
    Plastic is my body and ink is my blood
    I have written over a thousand equations
    Unaware of failure, nor aware of success
    Withstood pain to work out every problem
    Waiting for one's results
    I have no regrets this is the only path
    My whole life has been unlimited math works

  13. “I am the bone of my sword
    My body made of steel and my heart made of glass
    I shall always arise for a cry of help
    Yet none of those cry’s will ever reach the embedded chamber’s of my heart
    I have suffered a thousand deaths yet none shall truly kill me
    From heaven to earth I shall someday reach my goal and as such I shall pray unlimited blade works”
    My version

  14. When I heard this for the first time I imagined an old Shirou going towards his final battle to protect someone knowing he would die but does it with a smile.

  15. I am the bone of my Axe
    Steel is my arms
    Fire is my beard
    I have crafted over a thousand Baldes
    unknown to death
    nor known to life
    have withstood wife to create many weapons
    yet this hands will never hold any beer
    So as I yield: Unlimited Beer Works

  16. I am the finger of my screen
    Anime is my body and Gacha is my blood
    I have spent a thousand hours
    Unknown to daylight
    Nor known to the online community
    Have withstood pain to collect many summon tickets
    Yet these hands will never get the event servant
    So as I play


  17. I am the bone of my root.
    Terminal is my body and BASH is my blood.
    I have created over a thousand pythonscripts.
    Unknown to bloat.
    Nor known to github.
    Have withstood pain of fixing my dependencies.
    Yet, this mind will never compile anything.
    So as I pray, Unlimited Linux Works.

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