Impotency in Kidney Disease | Can Kidney Problems Cause Erectile Dysfunction किडनी रोग में नपुंसकता

Friends it is important to keep your married
life happy and healthy. They have to maintain passionate, kind and
affectionate acts towards each other The couple is sexually active and to maintain
the happiness in lives intimicy is must you should continue this even in kidney diseases
because it is needed by every couple During kidney diseases, your sexuality can
get affected as well. and because of which you may suffer from
sexual impotency If your bodu goes through a phase of kidney
diseases or failure then the production of abnormal hormones start
to affect the nature and sexual acts. At times, the reason can be the arteries
and veins connected to kidneys. If the muscles of your body do not work properly
then the affect can be seen on the sexuality and may lack in sexual feelings.
During kidney diseases overconsumption of allopathic medicines can
also adversely affect the sexual drives. Because the medicament given to cure the
problem of kidney diseases are strong It is necessary to take such medicines to
cure the renal diseases but that does not
mean to lose your sexuality. You should consult about
this with your healthcare providers. Ask your
querries about it and do not hesitate. The problem during kidney
diseases a patient sufferes from lack of interest
in sex. If you are suffering from kidney failure
then you may observe that your sexual desires
and intrest is lagging behind. The physical changes you are sensing is because
of the kidney diseases and for the same reason you undergo a lot
of emotional changes. To fight all these your body needs a lot of energy. So that
means the energy being produced by the unhealthy
body releases in fighting with these imbalances
and lacks in sexual drives. You may also suffer
from lack of interest in sex after a certain
point of time Some people notice the problem in keeping
an erection. It is a common problem during kidney failure. It can be because of many reasons, like it
can be the side effects of many medicines on the other hand, there are possibilities
that it is happening because of waste buildup
in the body. During kidney diseases, your kidneys cannot
filter the blood efficiently because of which whatever you consume, the
waste and toxins gets accumulated. If the amount of such minerals
found in excess then it can create a ;lot of troubles for
you and the elevated amounts of toxins in the
body can obstruct in keeping the erection. If you are suffering from such disorders
then you should contact your healthcare providers
or related doctors without hiding anything from them. You should discuss every detail like mental
& physical changes with your doctor. If you are not discussing all these with your doctor
then how would he be helping you? If you will tell your doctor excatly what
is happening, he will suggest you the treatment for boosting your sexual performance
accordingly. Emotions play a key role during sexual activities But during kidney diseases, a person loses
such abilities and may start overthinking he may feel stressed and off the chances,
he may get depressed. Few patients suffer from fear and anxiety of losing their lives and so thinking about
sexual acts may get difficult for them Sex is considered as a biggest stress buster during kidney diseases, you should try to keep the sexual life active so that the stress
occuring during kidney diseases can get reduced. But it is a fact that your sexual life can improve only when you
are out of the fear of losing life because
of kidney diseases For that you need to pull out the roots of
kidney diseases for this Karma Ayurveda’s ayurvedic knowledge
can help you in eradicating these problems Karma Ayurveda has cured more than 35000
patients till now let us meet one such patient. Doctor Puneet
Dhawan: Ram, now you are healthy and fit
than before? He had swelling in the body by which it was
detected that he ws suffering from nephrotic
syndrome and was releasing a lot of protein (around the
range of 4)and now it has reduced to the range of 3. And it is
the latest report of 17th March 2019 the range of protein is dropped down to the
range of 2 that means from around 400 mg/dl
to 100 mg/dl. and all this done without the help of steriods
and allopathic medications. When he was taking steriods then he had the
results but as soon as he stopped consuming
steriods then condition was relapsing. But now there
is nothing like before and the changes are visible. All this happened
because of his dedication and determination. It is a classy example of
nephrotic syndrome when the occurance of swelling becomes visible.
That is known Oedema and now he is from all of this. (Voice over:
So di you see how the Ayurvedic knowledge
of Karma Ayurveda has helped kidney patient.
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