Improve Knee Bending After Fracture Part-2

Hello friends. welcome once again to health made easy. friends in the series of knee bending in the
previous video I showed you very effective progressive exercises to improve knee bending. I hope you have started that exercise. and I am sure that you will get benefited
from that exercise. friends in the next video of this series I
am going to show you one more very effective exercise which helps to improve knee bending
a lot. but I want to remind you all one more time
that only those people should do this exercise who are already doing exercises explain in
previous two videos regularly. if you are not doing those exercises regularly. then start those exercises now. and after
a few days start the exercise which I am going to tell you today. I have given the link of those previous two
videos in i button as well as in the description box. you can click on these link and watch those
videos. so friends let’s begin. And I show you how to do this exercise. you just have to do is stand straight and
now put forward that leg which you are recovering from a fracture as shown in the video. now go down slowly while bending your knee. do this easily and do not put much force on
the knee joint. now come back to starting position and stand
straight. in starting do this exercise without the help
of stepper. and after few days whenever the strength of knee joint increases you can use
a stepper for next level exercises. this will improve your knee bending as well
as the range of joint will also increase. along with it the strength of muscles will
also improve with this exercise. again put forward the fractured leg and slowly
go down. continuously repeat this process. do this exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions
twice daily. This exercise is very effective and not only
helpful in improving knee bending but also the strength of muscles supporting knee joint. so friends start this exercise shown in today’s
video after doing previous exercises as continue schedule. you will see affair change in your knee bending
just after 7 -10 days and you will be benefited with this. So, friends, I hope you like today’s update.
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