Improve knee Bending After Fracture Part-3

Hello, friends welcome once again to health
made easy. friends in this series of exercise to improve knee bending I told you one exercise
to improve knee bending in the last video. I hope you have started these exercise and
I am sure you will be benefited from that. friends in the next video of this exercise
series I am going to tell you about a very effective exercise to improve knee bending.
those persons who have achieved knee bending till 90° this exercise is for them. those
people who have stopped getting their knee bending at 90° and not getting further improvement.
this exercise is also very helpful for them. and this helps in achieving the complete range
of knee joint. so let’s begin and I’ll show you how to do this exercise. just sit down
in a kneeling position as shown in the video. now place two or three pillows behind knees
and create a support. now push your body backward and try to bend the knee with the help of
your body weight. and shift your body weight on these pillows slowly. now come to starting
position and repeat the pattern continuously. after a few days, you will see that the range
of knee is improving. then remove one or two pillows from the back side of the knee and
while progressing this exercise remove all the pillows gradually. and now you will see
that you have achieved a complete range of knee Bending in a few days. and now your knee
is bending fully. now you can do your all daily activities very easily. and you will
not face any difficulty in doing any work. so friends start this exercise. and in the
starting keep your body weight on non-fractured knee more and less on the fractured knee.
and after few days shift it equally on both knees. so, friends, I hope you like today’s
health update. if you like this video then give us one like, share it with your friends.
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  1. Sir Aapne bataya tha uutna to leg bend hota he yani ki pura bend ho gya per. Letring me problems aa rahi he uushme pura leg bend nhi hota he……

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