Improving Dialysis for Children with Chronic Kidney Failure in Honduras

My name is Jossel Ivan Meza Rodriguez. I am 19. And I get hemodyalisis treatment. From the moment you begin hemodyalisis, doctors tell you you’ll receive treatment three times a week. And you see your own blood taken out and then reenter you. It’s shocking. And the only way out of that is through a kidney transplant… …which is sadly very improbable, given the economy people live in. I got involved with the other mothers to organize activities… …and somehow be helpful as mothers. We are a group of mothers who share the same hardship. And in a way I know that he can rely on me… …and the other children can too. Currently the room has four spots, just four beds… …for children who suffer from CKD’s. And so we see a need… …mainly because we have a lot of children with CKD’s… …to have more than four spots, which are not enough for their proper care. We currently tend to almost thirty kids… …who need hemodyalisis in the hospital. So there is a desire to build a room to give hemodyalisis… …to children here in the hospital… …and have the proper attention for these kids. …so they may receive an appropriate hemodyalisis… …with the goal of improving the patients’ quality of life. This is the room where they do the procedures to install the… …catheters the patients use in hemodyalisis. As you can see, it is in very precarious conditions. The ceiling is full of holes, and there is a gap in between the floors… …and that’s how all the water leaks right here, into this room. And this is the situation in which we find the tools used to install the catheters. This is an abandoned area. We discovered this room while looking for a space in which to build the children’s nephrology room… …which is very needed in the pediatrics floor. We have already presented the project to build the hemodyalisis room here. It has been approved, and now what we need is the money to build the pediatric nephrology room. Right here in this area is where we would place the children’s hemodyalisis machines. We think we can fit from six to ten machines in this space. Back here we have the water supply, and the oxygen supply… So it’s feasible for us to set up the osmosis and all the things we need for the kids’ machines to function. If we can accomplish this, our patients’ life expectancy will improve. Why? Because with the proper dyalisis, patients can reach adulthood… …and become an active part of society, by working. We are have more energy! More time! For instance, I was granted a scholarship, thank God… …to attend law school. There, time is a fundamental resource for me to grow as a person. Thanks to your wanting to help this room and these people… …believe me, you will improve many lives, including my own.

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