International referents and pioneers in kidney disease & kidney transplantation

it’s a great pleasure for me to
introduce this center area hospital Hospital Clínic, in the downtown
Barcelona, with more than 100 years ago of history. Focused on different areas with
a very strong research department. We are really good on organ transplantation. We started the first kidney transplantation more than 50 years ago and we also do
pancreas transplantation, liver transplantation and heart transplantation. Hospital Clínic has also a private structure, the name it’s barnaclínic+,
in which we can attend national and international patients. Including renal
transplantation. The Clinical Institute of Nephrology and Urology in Hospital Clínic of Barcelona is a center of reference for many kidney diseases, particularly also innovation in kidney transplantation. Our mission is to offer
kidney patients the best therapeutic solutions according to the standard of
care and according to the innovation and experience that we have in our Center. It is crucial for the kidney patient to receive, at every stage of the kidney
disease, an adapted therapy at every moment Our department is strong also in clinical nephrology and also in dialysis services with
international leadership in state-of-the-art technology. That means
that the patient can reach transplantation in the best clinical conditions. The first Kidney Transplantation ever done in Spain was done in this hospital in 1965. This was thanks to the strong collaboration between urologist and nephrologist at
that time, but, this collaboration has been continued until today. Now we have the Institute of Nephrology and Urology and the Renal
Transplantation Unit and this is a representation of this strong
collaboration. During the last 50 years we’ve done more than 5,000 kidney transplant. We’ve been achieving the best results in outcome, both for grafts and kidney patients And, in the other hand, we have introduced
many novelties in both surgical and immune therapies Minimally invasive surgery is in the DNA of our hospital We’ve been introducing laparoscopy in the last 20 years for any type of urological surgery. And, on top of that, in the last three years, we have introduced robotic Kindey Transplant, that I think this is the most disruptive change in transplant surgery from the
very beginning of the transplant in the history Already I have three
transplants my body, and the third one was two weeks ago and the donor was my father and it’s the best gift I can recive from him Now I’m recovering very well and I’m very happy and I must say I’m very comfortable, I’m safe… Because I’m surrounded by the very best team here in the Hospital Clínic They are always looking for the best practices. For me
and for all the patients that are with the same disease as me. And everything is under control. Transplantation has come a long way
during the last decades however a lot of transplanted kidneys are still lost
during the lifetime of the patient so we’re working on making transplanted
kidneys longer by pharmacological therapies and also by cell therapies.
Moreover one of our research focuses is the ex vivo management of kidneys to be
transplanted, preservation techniques and also to make untransferable kidneys
transplantable and we’re also working on giving access to transplantation for
those patients were difficult or impossible to transplant because of
anatomical vascular problems or also because problems with HLA incompatibility or
blood group incompatibility. Kidney and urinary tract diseases are becoming more and more prevalent and this is because the life expectancy of our
population is increasing more elderly patients are surviving and we will see
in the future more and more kidney diseases and diseases that effect the
urinary tract. The future is, in one way, pevention Preventing all the diseases. Preventing all the risk factors they can put the patient on risk of
having any kind of disease, particularly kidney diseases, in my case but prevention is also to offering our patients the best therapeutic option at
every moment Our goal is innovation so what we are trying to do is to
incorporate new technologies, new innovation for treating all the diseases
for our patients and offering all the people in the world the possibility to
be treated by our professionals

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