Keshe Foundation Plasma Water from Ghana clip – Process Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Can you please show us
the bottles, if you can? The products, which are certified
to go into the market by next week. Which already have been used across Accra
and across Ghana by many people, that’s why there is a plan
to launch it faster, is what you see. The factory is setup and these are
some of the products you will see This is how we market
the material into Ghana Waters, all been passed,
tested by FDA, by Standard board and it carries the Logo of the
Keshe Foundation, Ghana Atomic Commission as Keshe Foundation Ghana Limited. Everything we do, get’s checked,
certified by governmental organisation and now, it gets scrutinized by
parliamentary scientific organization. You will see these across Accra
across West Africa from next week. now, that the certification
is completed. People… is been tested
by the scientists, that they say, in one of the conference meetings we had
with the boards of the authorities one of the scientists who have
tested this, he said, “This water is so pure, that we
do not need to bring anymore Liquids for injection,
is purer than what we bring.” So immediately they
have found a response, in what they used to import,
does not need to be done. This is how we come, as i said, We started giving the Technology
to the governments in patent and keys We brought it to public, and now we brought the products at the level of very small amount of money,
that peoples can buy. A mixture of combination,
certified, will bring the effects, like Diabetic,
high blood pressure and the rest of it. We don’t promote anything,
but changing the structure where the governments
spent billions every year for what can be solved
with a few dollars and then changes for good when you take pharmaceutical materials you become dependant on it and the body doesn’t change,
because its a foreign element forcing when, what we have seen
with these kind of technologies is that the way they are produced
as part of the structure of the working of the planet they work within the body as a planet and then we see eradication of many diseases we have done tests and one of the biggest problem in Africa, is Typhus. and its taken us
three days to overcome it Doctors in the hospitals
have taken all the test and they have seen it what
is a killing disease of virus, now is not there,
so in the coming time we will release
in different shape or form products that affect directly
certain diseases and this is what already been tested few thousand peoples
in Ghana at the highest level have been using these
on their own accord and that’s why parliamentary committee
has been setup by the order of the Parliament
and the Ministeries that, they have been told there is
a magic thing, is kept by the Atomic, as a secret product, why can not be
in the hand of public, and that’s why we are there, we become part of the structure to release these kind of Technologies and the costs where
you don’t have to take insulin where you don’t need to pay
with the costs of your arm and leg and in three month, six month
you walk away with no diabetic, with no
high blood pressure with no other diseases we process we don’t treat and now we have government behind us they do not care, when you have six million peoples with high blood pressure
and about the same with Diabetic, which is incurable for them this is a god given gift because there own
peoples in government have been using it the beauty of it is, it’s them
who are taking the Technology forward not us, but now this way,
we have brought in them public level a man can not loose his arm and leg because there is no solution
with Diabetic i lost one of my great uncles to Diabetic by Amputation of the leg and the rest in a Hospital in Tel Aviv
a handful of years ago because there was no cure for him the last time I met him in Tel Aviv he was on the wheelchair,
with legs amputated because of Diabetic if we have this knowledge,
no man should loose anything anymore no arms no legs, no man
should go through a heart attack because of the high blood pressure and the brain hemorrhage
it costs less than ten dollars I thank the scientists who work
at Keshe Foundation Ghana Atomic and we are proud and we stand
by the management of the Keshe Foundation and the management of Ghana Atomic and the Ghanean government
who have supported us so heavily because they have seen the results Subtitles by the community

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