53 thoughts on “Kidney Diet – The Best Diet for Kidney Disease Sufferers?”

  1. Thank you so much for this video. I just found out that I have PKD, and needed to know what to do and eat! Thanks so very much for the great info!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @heavenwardbound Happy to help out! I am so glad you found this information useful. Please of course check out my website for even more free info!

  3. @Arross10 Thanks for dropping by and for your comments. Yes you are certainly most correct, the topic of "kidney diet" is a large and complex one. On top of an Alkaline diet, one needs to monitor potassium, phosphorus, protein and sodium. In this video I just wanted to concentrate on Alkalinity, as not every one has problems with these nutrients. If you would like more info on potassium please read one of my many diet articles on my blog. Thanks!

  4. I have just stumbled across your site! I am passionate about this.You absolutely know your "stuff" – I have found your video to be not only informative but true. I am summising now. This video is aimed at helping kidney sufferers or indeed anyone who wishes to protect their kidney health. As a lady who has had kidney disease since 1 year old, am now 55, have had 8 years of dialysis treatment and 2 kidney transplants, I say that I'm "qualified to write this".

  5. /cont. – a friend taught me the benefits of an alkaline diet.We are all taught about potassium/sodium/phosphorus/protein etc., and I run a low sodium. Not one physician, renal nutritionist, renal nurse, ever mentioned this. Nursing profession:do not be "blinkered". Not only is this diet good for you it WORKS. Example my BUN 6 months ago had risen to 40, after alkaline diet, tested yesterday and the BUN is now 20! It is our job to look after our bodies –Thank you Dr. –keep up the great work!

  6. There isn't any magic pill, unfortunately…but diet is HUGE…..notice the emphasis on DIET being HUGE!!! I hope your doc also told you to limit protein intake. Sodium and potassium should be in check too. Best of luck to you and eat those fruits and veggies! 🙂

  7. Glad I stubbled apon this.I am having my kidney removed oct 11,2012 (birth obstruction, Im 36) They did repair 5months ago…It didnt work.. And I am so confused by what is good or bad.. I was always basing diet on what they gym use to tell me.. IE: chicken breast,egg whites, veggies, water,water water.. oatmeal.. etc. Everything seems so backwards now.. I will be checking out the site. Thanks for any tips! Scared for this surgery .. so hoping being proactive about recovery and getting info!

  8. I would say you did a good job on keeping it simple for the masses of the people. Speaking on many of the minerals would just confuse them. Yes i see the person says potassium is a major problem, but i say acid is even more of a problem. Good video

  9. I thank you so much,because you are helpful.And I love the fact that you are a Naturopath,because you offer hope,and lets one know that its not over,that the body is design to heal itself,if you give it what it needs.My mom was on Dialysis 10 years ago,and yes she was healed,but while on dialysis the machine explode,and she lost so much blood,and became anemic,due to the fact that now her Kidneys aren't functioning at 100%. She is low in iron,and just had a blood transfusion.What should she do?

  10. How can we get the blood to carry oxygen to the organs such as the kidneysthat needs it to function.Because that what I believe if my mom receive more of,her kidneys will began to function.Because when our blood don't carry the oxygen to different organs,they will shut down.She felt a heavy weight on her shoulders,and they gave her a blood transfusion.She also needs to build up her iron.Can excercise help,and I've heard that Alpha Lipoic Acid is good for the Kidneys.Thanks,and please let me know

  11. I found this video very extremely insightful ! I did not feel it necessary for Mr. Cappichianno to have explain anything about potassium or phosphorus levels, as a dialysis patient one should KNOW he or she needs to look after certain mineral levels and should eat certain foods in moderation

  12. hi there i was just wondering would this diet apply to me as i have just recently received my sisters kidney just over a year ago

  13. Thank you ever so kindly for the information. The human body is an amazing machine that takes care of us when we take care of it; never ceases to impress the notion that we are what we eat. I was pleasantly surprised to follow a similar diet and felt the difference within hours. Thank you for shedding more light on particulars and increasing my choices for healthier kidneys.

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  15. thank you dr, i am in stage 4 of kidney failure, 28% function and haven't seen a dietision yet, so this really helps x

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  17. Hi Jim, no problem. I am a qualified Naturopath. To read more of my bio and qualifications please visit here: kidneycoach(dot)com/about-us/

    Much health,

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  20. great video!! I just learned that I have CKD stage 3 less than a month ago. I already drink ionized antioxidant alkaline microclustered water, and plenty of it. I've changed my diet, but it was not so great before, and it's more difficult than expected to eat healthily again. I have neither HBP or diabetes, thank heavens. Many Rx meds including NSAIDS to manage pain for arthritis that has now become spinal stenosis with 5 herniated discs) & psychotropics for too long. Wondering about cranberries. just bought a bottle of organic, not from concentrate cran juice, no additives at all. I thought it good generally for urinary tract, figured cran would help kidneys? thanks so much!! peace, barb

  21. please make another kidney vid soon! perhaps talk about the "processing path" from ingestion to elimination…please. and also the healthy water is all I drink (see my other comment), although I plan on getting some teas from the health food store to assist my kidney repair. subscribing and checking out website and ebook now. thank you kindly for the info!! and for making a FREE ebook. take care, barb

  22. thank u so much for the healthy information… cleared so many doubts… one question though are lemon and tomatoes good for an adpkd patient?

  23. If my kidneys aren't filtering due to high levels of toxins, would donating/drawing blood relieve the kidneys? tx 

  24. I haven't seen a health specialist yet my foamy urine, I may have proteinuria, any suggestions? I changed to a high vegetable/ fruit diet. What else should I be doing?

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