kidney failure || हाथ पैरों पर सूजन हो सकती है किडनी फेल्‍योर का इशारा | kidney pain | kidney pain

Kidney failure can be swelling of hands and
feet The problem of kidney among people is increasing
rapidly among modern lifestyles. There are two kidneys in the human body, the
chances of living on them without proper functioning are very less. At the two ends of the vertebra, there are
two types of bean shaped, which are called kidneys. A large part of the body’s blood passes through
the kidneys. Millions of nephron tubes present in the kidneys
filter blood by purifying them. They send different parts of the blood as
urine. In the early stages of kidney disease, it
is not known and it is so dangerous that the kidney takes the form of forgery. Through this article we tell you about the
causes responsible for the kidney problem and the symptoms of kidney failure. Due to kidney problem
For the problem of kidneys, on the other hand, contaminated food and environment are considered
responsible. Many times the problem of trouble in the kidneys
is also the intake of antibiotics. Diabetic patients are more likely to complain
of kidney than normal people. Increasing industrialization and urbanization
is also causing kidney disease. Symptoms of kidney disease
 Reduce urine or more Lower urine or more is the first symptom of
kidney disease. A person with kidney problem has more or less
urine than normal. Such a person often has high urination in
the night and the color of the patient’s urine is darker. Many times the patient feels urine, but when
he gets into the toilet he can not urinate. Urine bleeding
Blood in the urine is also a symptom of kidney disease. This problem can be due to other reasons,
but this is the first reason that kidney disease is considered. If there is such a problem, he should not
ignore it. Swelling of the limbs
Kidney works to expel all the unclean remains from the body. When the kidneys do not work properly, these
remains are left in the body due to swelling. In such cases, swelling occurs on hands, feet,
ankles and face. Fatigue and weakness
The kidneys produce the atroprophic hormones in the body. This helps in the formation of red blood cells,
which can be helpful in pulling oxygen. If the kidney does not work properly, the
person becomes prey to anemia. When there is a small amount of blood in the
body, the person feels fatigue and weakness. To feel cold
If your kidneys do not work properly, then you feel more like cold. Even if there is a warm environment, the patient
feels cold. Kidney infection can also be a cause of fever. Rashes and itching
If you do not work properly with the kidney then your body remains dirty blood. There may also be problem of rash and itching
on the patient’s body. Nausea and vomiting
There is also a problem with the patient’s nausea and vomiting due to the absence of
unclean remains in the blood and its absence. In such a situation, the person does not even
mind eating anything. Generally people ignore nausea and vomiting
as common problems. Small breath
People with kidney problem become prey to anemia. Such a person suffers with tiredness and shortness
of breath. It is very important to identify kidney disease
by the time, due to delay in recognizing the disease, it can also cause kidney failure. Consult the doctor to avoid any other problem.

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