Kidney Function Test in hindi | किडनी फंक्शन टेस्ट क्या है नार्मल वैल्यू कितनी होनी चाहिए | KFT

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Karma Ayurveda, I am Vaishakha with you Here you can get all the information related
to kidneys easily. Today we will talk about Kidney Function
Test. Kidneys help in the body healthy. The key role of a kidney is
to filter the waste from blood. It also maintains a healthy and balanced
level of water and minerals in the body. There can be numerous reasons for the dysfunctioning
of kidneys. Here, Kidney Function Test can help in estimating
and in the adequate type of treatment. Various types of tests such as blood and
urine tests are helpful in deteriming the kidney’s functioning and provide information
to doctors. KFT is also known as Renal function
test or urea electrolyte test. Kidney function test is conducted to determine if the functioning
of kidneys are within normal range or not With the help of Kidney Function Test the
levels of creatinine, uric acid, urea and various minerals can be determined. Now let
us tell you about Kidney Failure test and when the need of such a test occurs?
If you are sensing a few symptoms related
to kidney diseases then you should get this test done. With
these symptoms you can estimate the problems of kidney.
These symptoms can be High blood pressure,
blood in urine frequent urination, irritational urination
and swelling because of fluid buildup Only one symptom is not enough to indicate
the critical condition of kidney. But if you are having more than one
symptom then it can indicate the symptom of kidneys disabilities
in performing their functions. Kidney failure test help in detecting such
symptoms in the body. Your blood and urine samples are sent to
laboratory that later help in determination
of kidney if they are healthy or not. Blood
test can reveal about the amounts of various minerals
and wastes present in the blood. Tests like Serum creatinine, creatinine is a waste product
that is produced by the muscsle breakdown or overconsumption of protein.
The creatinine levels can vary from one another each laboratory has its different specifications
about the normal range of creatinine (from 0.36 mg/dl to 1.2 mg/dl)If your creatinine
levels are higher than these ranges then it simply means
your kidneys are not functioning well. As the progression of kidney disease occur
in the body, the levels of creatinine increases. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN), Urea
nitrogen is also a breakdown product of protein-type. Norrmal
Blood Urea Nitrogen level is between 7 and 20 mg/dl. But when the kidneys
are not performing their functions properly then the levels of blood urea nitrogen increases.
Estimated Glomeruli Filteration Rate (eGFR)
provides a pathway to determine kidneys’ functioning but the high levels
of creatinine in blood is a sign of kidney failure. eGFR provides more accurate results the normal range of eGFR is between 90 to
120 mg/l Serum electrolyte test help in determining
the levels of sodium chloride, potassium
and bicarbonate. Sometimes these are also known
as electrolytes. and because of kidney dysfunction the normal
levels of these electrolytes may vary. Creatinine clearance test helps in determining
the levels of creatinine in blood and urine. with the help of this test, it can be understood
that how well the kidneys are filtering the blood and how
ell they are functioning. Other tests may be asked by the doctors; such as Urine test, blood test and complete blood count test. So these were the important
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  1. Hello sir meri age 29 year hai or muje asthma hai to kya me apni kidney donat kar sakta hu? Plz reply me

  2. Sir mujhe 1mahine se kamar me dard tha aur ab 2din se urine thik se nahi Nikal raha h bahut kam ho raha h aur bahut pila aur pith par khujli ho rahi h 2din se kya kare sir plese help me

  3. Mam my age 23 yrs
    My Right kidney size 6.2×2.7cm & Left kidney size 12.5×4.9 cm …. Kya mera kidney sahi h…Ya aage problems v ho skti h kya????Plz tell me…

    M bahut patla dubla hu..

  4. Mam plz bataye meri urine main daisy disprin ko pani main dalty hi wo ghul jati h , waist hi urine krty hi same aisy hi hota h plz bataye koi problem to nAhi

  5. मेंम मेरी राइट साइड किडनी में 8मम स्टोन था 2 महीने बाद मेने अल्ट्रासाउंड कराया स्टोन रिपोर्ट में नही आया लेकिन मेरी राइट साइड भारी पन है और दर्द भी काफी दिन से।

  6. Mam i have only single kidney and doctor said that ur urinary tract is swelled so suggest me some tests that it is clear that my urinary tract is swelled or not and plzz tell me that test is necessary for this or not

  7. मेरी उम्र 40 है और creatinine 0.89 है । क्या मुझे कोई रिस्क है , क्या मुझे भी खान पान मैं कोई परहेज करना चाहिए please reply

  8. Sir me or meri family mere liy bahut problem me h.or meri problem bhi badti ja rhi h.kya aapke paas FSGS Neprotic syndrome ka treatment hai.mera har mounth urine pcr.test hota h jisme protein 1500.m g/dl or cretin 20.0 h.

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