kidney infection symptoms || किडनी इन्फेक्शन के लक्षण | kidney failure symptoms | kidney failure sym

No one has the right time to eat the right
to eat a meal in today’s fortune life. Because of which everyone likes to eat outside
food, and most of the food outside is contaminated. Due to which many types of diseases are brought
home in our body. One of these diseases is Kidney Infection. Infections in kidney infections or kidneys
are also found in smoking, mostly by consuming alcohol, besides, when we consume excessive
amounts, we may still have to face kidney disease. If someone has more diabetes, then it also
has an effect on the kidney. There are two kidneys in our body, when one
kidney gets damaged, then the other can run with kidney, but when these two worms get
damaged then it is impossible for us to live. Therefore, kidney is one of the vital organs
of our body. Kidney works to remove dirt from the body
by urine. For this, we should consume most of the water
in the day. Reasons for Kidney Infection
There may be several causes of kidney infections such as: –
High intake of medicines The smoking
Tobacco and alcohol intake diabetes
High intake of fastfood Not take full sleep
Lose weight Symptoms of Kidney Infection: –
There are many symptoms when there is kidney infection or kidney infections such as: –
 More of urine Swelling in the hands feet,
Pain in the stomach, Blood in urine
Fever breathlessness
Loss of appetite Yellowing of the body
Kidney Infection – Caution As we know that it is impossible to live our
lives without kidneys, we should take some precautions to avoid kidney disease. Water intake
We should take more water intake because drinking water causes all the dirt in our body to get
out of the way of Urine, which is why our kidneys are healthy. By drinking water our digestion works properly
and body temperature is also accurate. Exercise
We should exercise regularly because our blood transfusion works right from exercise. Yoga is also beneficial for the body. Intoxicant
As far as possible, we should keep distance from narcotics, because consuming narcotics
makes its direct impact on our kidneys, due to which our kidneys are damaged. obesity
Obesity in the body is not less than a dangerous disease. Those who are obese, the risk of kidney disease
is twice as many as others. So if your weight exceeds normal weight then
you should adopt measures to reduce obesity. Do not stop urinating
Whenever you get urine, keeping it in check, your kidney impedes pressure, which can cause
kidney damage, so whenever urine comes, you should do it instead of stopping it. Reduce the intake of painkillers
Whenever we start consuming excessive amounts of painkillers, its effect falls on our kidneys,
which causes our kidney to get worse. Therefore, we should take fewer medicines
as much as possible. Drinks Consumption
We should continue to eat fruits, vegetables juice, because it keeps our kidney healthy. We should take less tea, coffee cold drink,
because it can worsen our kidneys.

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