Kill diabetes forever in just eight days / Hibiscus leaves and diabetes

Kill diabetes forever in just eight days diabetes is the common problem all over the world it is the common among everyone irrespective of their age most of the people are using English medicine to control diabetes which give only temporary relief so we have to change our lifestyles by eating quality foods doing exercise and by avoiding junk foods you can reduce diabetes by doing this MD here is a very easy home Linde for diabetes for this we need hibiscus leaves and water take a blender gel place hibiscus leaves in it pour some water make fine paste out of it now take a bowl of water mag the space in it place this bowl aside for overnight next day morning take this on empty stomach it is not bitter you can follow it comfortably do not eat or drink anything for two hours repeat this for evening with same method do this for eight days and you can say bye-bye to your diabetes forever remember do not mix single time otherwise medicine will not work even if you restart from beginning do for eight days only if you miss then stop for two months take again full course after sixty days if the plant is not available in your area try to get the powder of hibiscus take one tablespoon of hibiscus powder and soaked in water for overnight and take the water next day morning do the same for the evening dose in the morning keep aside for pi/2 sixes and take in in the evening by doing this for eight days you can get rid off from diabetes thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos

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