KT Tape: Top of Foot

I’m Chris Harper, and with me is
Makayla, and we’re here to demonstrate an
application for top of foot pain. This is when you have pain
across the top of the foot and ankle. Some causes of this may be overuse,
tight poorly fitting or worn out shoes, running on uneven surfaces may also be a
cause. KT Tape helps treat this condition by
relieving pressure to reduce pain, relaxes associate muscles, and may increase circulation. For this application, I’m actually going to place a red dot just on top of
the foot. Your pain may vary by location, but we’ll just use this as a
reference. Okay, and position wise, we’re actually going to place the foot in plantar flexion, or in other words, toes pointing away from the shins. For the first part of this application we’re gonna take a full strip of KT Tape. Folding that in half. We will take a pair of scissors and cut rounded corners on the folded end of the tape. Rounding the corners helps prevent the
tape from rolling up or catching on clothing. We’re then going to twist and tear the
backer paper right in the middle of that first piece. Peeling that paper back, being very careful
not to touch the adhesive part of the tape. We’re then going to apply this over that
point of pain with eighty percent stretch. So we’re going to stretch that all the way out and
then back that off just a little bit, and then place that over the point of
pain. We’re going to just pinch off the ends and lay the ends of that tape down with absolutely zero stretch. So the only stretched portion
of that piece is in the middle. We’re going to give it a good rub especially on the
edges so it sticks well, that creates a little heat. Okay, we’re going to take our second piece, and we’re going to tear again right in the middle. This is from that first piece we cut. We’re going to apply nice even pressure with our thumbs, going over at that point of pain once again, just a little bit higher.
Eighty percent stretch, peeling off the paper, and laying down the ends with absolutely
zero stretch. And for our last piece, we’re going to take
a full strip. This time we’re going to tear the tape down by the logo end. This creates an anchor point that we will place just beyond those first two pieces on the skin, but behind the toes. We’re also going to flex the toes to stretch the skin over that area. We’re going to peel the paper back, but again handling
the tape with the paper only. We’re going to now put a fifty
percent stretch on this, so a hundred-percent, then backing half way
off. And now laying that down on the skin, and in
the very top part we’re going to take off that paper, and place that down on the skin with absolutely
zero stretch. We’re going to give the whole thing a good rub
just to make sure the edges are down over the entire application. A little friction creates heat, heat
activates the adhesive on the tape. In fact, KT Tape sticks better to the skin
once you get active with it. Okay, that looks great. Some helpful tips before applying are to clean the skin very well, remove any or oils or lotions you may have on. Also, clip or trim the hair on the top
of the foot and lower leg. You can also wear a sock while sleeping so that the tape doesn’t roll
up with friction against the sheets. Some complementary treatments can include rest, ice, light stretching, or massaging the muscles
on the leg an underside of the foot. Also you can use anti inflammatory
medications such as ibuprofen. Please seek care if you have severe pain, swelling, or discoloration. For more information see our website at

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