#Laddu Recipe.Full of Iron, Calcium, Fiber and Good Cholesterol. Multi Nutritious Ladoo Recipe.

Hello and Namaskar myself is Saloni and you r welcome in my kitchen; Samvida’s Kitchen Full of health and nutrition we will watch the processes today will learn and come to know its multi benefits against good health which will be beneficial to all Iron, Fiber and good cholesterol are some of the main elements of this Laddoo. So how to make this Laddoo in the easiest possible way if you want to know and learn. Please watch and follow to recreate you will be able to get all this beneficial Laddos in your kitchen So Let’s start with it’s ingredients and processes A kadai is pre placed here on the flame and it is heated so the first ingredient is 1/2 cup of Desi Ghee and the half would be used in next steps and this is 100 gms of GOND this has to be added here for deep frying These are found to get doubled to their size after deep frying so will get them fried in batches. These are to taken out of oil just when you find them changing their colour and to be kept in an open plate So we will get them all fried in 2-3 batches Now add half from the rest of Ghee into this kadai wait to get it heated up and then we have to add 100 gms of almonds into this 100 gms of cashews also are to be added with it Cashews are very rich in nutrition; full of Iron Almonds are full of Protein and good cholestrol Keep continuous steering these till getting their colour changed So at this stage take them out from the oil and keep aside in a plate. These are very tender for frying so take care of it while frying and in this rest of ghee what is in our kadai right now. We will add makhana/fox seeds of 2 cups This is very helpful to keep the blood pressure maintained. We can roast it on medium flame. This also has to be done till colour changed (brown) and will keep in the plate where we have kept other ingredients So here you will find a clean Kadai there is no oil into it , because the fox seeds have soaked all the oil into them This is 1/4 cup of Khus Khush or poppy seeds get them dry roasted these are to be added after fox seeds because they leave the utensil tidy and clean oilless poppy seeds will get dry roasted about in 2 minutes on low flame it has been done and is being spreaded in that same plate here goes the rest of whole ghee into this kadai again jsu when you find them medium hot remember not to get them highly heated here and place the flame on low position and add 3 cups of Fibre added (non-refined) wheat flour This wheat flour is available in stores It strengthens the digestion system and thus is more healthier than refined flour on low flame by continuous steering and with full patience have to roast them for 20 minutes when they turn brownish or at the stage where you find to get a sweet fragrance of roast stop roasting and put off the flame allow it to get cooled will move to next process till then so here is our normal cooled GOND this can easily be broken if you press them and also these fox seeds are of same nature This also will break if pressed in between the fingers Both these are to be grinded but remember that not fine grind to be done of these You may smash them too or in any way get them rough smashed so I have get these like what you can see Ingredients are more in numbers and volume so here I have taken the PARAT in which i will add all the ingredients so the first one is our cooled roasted flour is here Fox seeds and GOND will followed on it Now the turn have come to get the almonds, cashews and the rest of poppy seeds for grinding adding them all along in a single turn in the grinding jar and will get them finely grinded like this but you may get them grinded as per your choice so add them too in the same utensil Now by adding the sugar powder I will turn them sweet The normal sugar has been roughly grinded you can see it’s roughly grinded and the quantity is 1 and 1/2 cup but you may prefer jaggery too instead of sugar powder after melting that diabetics too can consume this after adding some quantity of the jamun seed powder and some of til now with clean hands we have to mix these all ingredients well here it is important to get the equal mixing of sugar powder this has to be important add/reduce the quantity of sweetness as per your choice So please check the level of sweetness before binding the Laddoo after mixing it well we will check the binding Take some quantity of mixture in hand and try binding them by pressing for checking the bindness…so here I am feeling to add 2 tbsp more of ghee to be added and also i have here some roasted pieces of almond which is optional for adding at this stage So it’s needed to mix these again after mixing them here take the quantity as per your choice of which size you like the Laddoos should be start pressing them keeping in round shape I am preparing them of medium size the roasted pieces of almond what I added in last was added to be sticked on to this Laddoo So here it’s the first Laddoo Looking fresh and is healthy nutritious So now I will repeat the same procedure and turn this mixture in Laddoos This is very easy and in first chance only any one can bind them This Laddoo is very nutritious and beneficial post natal because it is full of iron and calcium and it fulfills the requirement of both to them So this Laddoos made by me are very nutritious and beneficial and are ready now You are requested to recreate it once in your kitchen following the processes shown and told by me feel always free to comment for complementing or to ask any doubt will meet once again with a new recipe till then bi bi Thanks for watching!

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