Low Sodium Recipe Stuffed Spaghetti Squash Perfect For Heart Healthy Kidney Disease- Renal Diet HQ

Hi there! It’s Mathea Ford with Renal Diet Headquarters and Nickanny’s Kitchen and today i want to talk to you about
the latest spice in the store called Grandma’s Loaf and More seasoning and
this loaf and more seasons one packet. Seasons one pound of a ground meat,
ground turkey, ground chicken, ground beef, any type of meat that you want to mix it
into you can use it for it has garlic, mustard seeds, red bell pepper, green bell
pepper, dehydrated tomato granules, black pepper, lemon peel, parsley, green onions
coriander, marjoram and oregano. So it’s got a great mix of different spices but
one of the things I want to tell you about this is that it’s got a small
amount of sodium in the packet now. Usually, we come out with salt free
products but it’s got a small amount of sodium. It has 15 milligrams per packet
and that’s because of the dehydrated tomato granules but what you’re gonna
love about this is how it really seasons ground beef or ground turkey, ground meat
with a lot of flavor you won’t have the salt and you will have a delicious meal
that you can eat that is healthy for your kidney disease, cardiac disease
diabetes and the recipe that you just watched is a perfect example of how it
can be used in ground meat and other to make other products besides just
meatloaf. So, we hope you love the seasoning. Head on over to Nickanny’kitchen.com to get your bags of seasoning. mix and have a great day

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