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plantain, or just plantain, would, according to several studies, to fight
against free radicals, therefore prevent the onset of certain diseases
like diabetes or even cancer. Only, after its consumption, one
often ignore that even banana peels can give your body a lot of good,
we’re going to talk about all of this in this video Know already that To make disappear
wrinkles, Just simply apply the skin
banana to where the wrinkles are you massage, you rub, you
leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes then you rinse with water
normal I assure you that if you do that every day then your wrinkles will fade. It eliminates acne pimples
, By rubbing a banana peel on the face where buttons are concentrated
acne for several minutes each day. You will have good results, and this is
same to whiten teeth and fight against warts
A few minutes later, you will have results very satisfactory.
For white teeth When teeth begin to turn yellow, a
banana peel can whiten them. It is enough gently apply the banana peel
on the teeth every day for 2 minutes, they will regain their radiance.
To remove a wart By fixing a few using banana peels
a bandage on your wart throughout one night, it will eventually disappear.
For those who want to clear up the skin you will need to crush the
banana peel, with rice powder , lemon and toothpaste in equal parts
, you apply this on the skin, you leave put 10 minutes and you rinse, do that
3 times a week and you will see that results will be magical, this treatment
lightens very naturally and quickly the dark parts of the body
Also if you just got bitten by an insect, then treatment at your
scope is to rub a banana peel there you will be able to
relieve you of pain in minutes Now if we were talking about the fruit itself
, she is so rich that she has a power for health, yes she is rich
potassium which is great for improving your heart health, it is consumed under
all its forms; whether boiled, cooked, ripe or even fried, These can improve health
of the brain, protecting them from degenerative diseases like the alzeimer,
the disease of parkinson and much more
Also note that Serotonin and melatonin contained in
bananas promote stress relief. Studies have also shown that the
potassium in bananas can help to prevent
strokes in old people .
In the case of postmenopausal women, the banana consumption could reduce
the risk of accident 12% cerebrovascular disease (17). 3.
Promote bone health consumption of potassium which is in large
amount in the plantain can prevent loss of calcium from bones improved
bone density in older women. ( 4. Help treat diarrhea while maintaining
good digestive health 6. It also helps Treat the mouth of
A good sweetened banana milkshake with honey – a quick fix for a mouth
Of wood. The banana calms the stomach and honey replenishes the level of exhausted sugar. And
milk soothes and rehydrates your body 10. Help fight cancer
They also stimulate the production of white blood cells that boost immunity
(41). 11. Improve the health of associated eyes
to another African herb (called Orinol) to treat degeneration
macular and cataract. 12. Relieve Menstrual Pain Through
with potassium in bananas. The mineral can act as a muscle relaxant
and relax the uterine muscles for the rules.
13. Reduce inflammation due to bites mosquito
Just rub the banana peel on it  
14. Strengthen the immune system 15. Could help quit smoking
potassium and magnesium in bananas lower the nicotine levels in the
helping smokers to resist at will. TO SMOKE
17. Help treat anemia Anemia, especially when caused
during pregnancy can be treated with the ideal dose of folic acid.
19. reduce fever  
Excessive sweating, diarrhea and vomiting is one of the symptoms
currents of fever. These symptoms exhaust potassium levels in the body and
cause weakness. Bananas, being rich in potassium, can be of great
help. can decrease inflammation and boost immune activity, which
invariably helps to fight fever.
20. improve mood 21. help treat batteries
eating a banana on an empty stomach every day can help treat hemorrhoids. For
bleeding hemorrhoids, three bananas per day may be a good choice (53).
22. treat insomnia Potassium and magnesium in bananas
help relax muscles and promote the sleep.
23. Can Promote Weight Loss Fiber in bananas can help the
weightloss. And as they contain also starch, they can control
glycemia. It’s good for the loss of weight because excess sugar is stored under
form of fat in the body. What are the benefits for the skin? I 24.
moisturize your skin  
25. Helps the skin to shine Bananas contain good quantities
Vitamin C which help maintain radiance natural and youthful skin. You can
bring back the lost glow using these masks: 26. Has Anti Aging Benefits
You can also crush 1/4 of banana and add 1 teaspoon of water
of pink. Apply it on the face and neck and rinse it off after half an hour.
27. have benefits for the care of feet
  The moisturizing property of bananas can
be used to get rid of heels cracked. All you have to do
is to crush the pulp of two ripe bananas and apply it
on clean, dry feet. Let act for 10 minutes and rinse the feet at
cold water. Banana pulp will penetrate deep in dry, cracked skin
and will give you soft and supple feet. 28. Helps treat puffy eyes
nutrients in bananas can help calm the blood vessels under
eyes and reduce swollen eyes. All what you have to do is overwrite a
half banana and apply generously around the affected area. Let it sit
for 15 to 20 minutes, after which you you can rinse off with cold water. Potassium
in the banana draws the excess liquid under the skin and provides relief. You
can also apply the peels banana instead of fruit puree.
29. Helps remove dead cells skin
30. help treat acne 31. Help in the treatment of itching,
warts and psoriasis What about hair? 33. Improve the
health and appearance of hair 


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