Marching in Place Exercise | Tip for Health Care Professionals

The go-to health care practitioners who are
going to be training individuals, or cuing them on marching, is that form is really important.
You know you think something like marching is so basic, but it can give you a lot of
information. Any motion that are client does gives you a lot of information. So I’m going
to give you an example here of a client who is coming to see me with thoracic pain, this
is how she marched. Now she didn’t have any idea that’s how she marched, and you know,
I would ask her how her week was as she’s marching along. It wasn’t until I put her
in front of a mirror that she found it was really peculiar how she was moving. Now she was an office worker and sat behind
a desk all day long, and so my question to you is, can you kind of guess what she did
outside of her work time? When I give my seminars, often people more in-shape plays tennis, and
does a lot of backhand. What is it that she does? Nobody has guessed it so far, and what
she does do is she’s a dog trainer. When she’s training the dogs, she’s running with the
dogs on her left side, the entire time, running. So that’s how she, the movement pattern, she’s
trained her body in doing. It wasn’t until she actually started running with the dogs
on her right side on an even…a number of minutes in an evening that she started getting
less thoracic pain. All the modes[SP] or treatments I could have intervened with might have helped
things along a little bit. It wasn’t until you looked at someone’s movement patterns
and start making them aware of it that you’ll actually enhance their movements overall.

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