Meet Alexis, Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

When i was 10 I was hit and ran over by a car I suffered a traumatic brain injury a ruptured spleen a broken tibia, a broken clavicle and multiple skin graftings For the traumatic brain injury it affects my frontal temporal lobe so that’s depression, anxiety, emotion all of my emotions A lot of people think that mental health
isn’t really such a big deal Oh you have mental problems Go to therapy
You’ll be fine But, even when you go to therapy you can’t live in your therapist’s office You have to go through daily life You have to see other people You have to be around everybody A lot of different things in my life have gotten better because of the car accident It’s made me a stronger person and I don’t believe old Alexis would’ve… I mean she was great and all but this Alexis I love her better If you give donations to Children’s Miracle Network It’s not about the money It’s about the love and it’s about the life that you’re saving so that that person can have love as well

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