Menopause & Hormonal Treatments

>What about hormone treatments?, we talked
non-hormonal, yeah but what about hormone treatments, women who have they cannot,
they cannot deal and there’s so many women who absolutely get to this point,
they are frustrated between the hot flashes, the night sweats, and the other
symptoms, what can we do for a hormonal treatment?.>Hopefully we can
reassure women that if the other methods that we have both herbal acupuncture,
some of the other things, are not working for them, that exercise, the diet, all
these things may help, but if not and you’re significantly having symptoms, we
want to reassure women that hormone replacement therapy, is very safe and in
a short-term use minimal risk of cancer, or other complications that the media
has told us about from the 2000 to whi study, about stroke, heart attack, blood
clots, breast cancer.>Let’s bring up the graphic while you’re talking about this,
because we do have one and exactly the points that you’re hitting right here, I
want to make sure that everybody sees this, because the benefits of hormone
treatment are huge in so many ways, I mean it is miraculous in so
many ways.>This included a lot of things and it’s amazing, what hormone
replacements short-term will delay cardio vascular changes, bone loss, we see
50 to 60% less fracture in women who’ve been on hormones five years, which is a
life threatening disease osteoporosis, we see benefits to their hair and skin,
their sexual function, their sleep, their cognitive behavior, so I think there’s so
many benefits I tell my patients it’s like the bowling ball knocking down all
the pins,, instead of taking something for your sleep, your hair, your skin, your
bones, just take the bowling ball and we knock them all down and take care of it.

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