Metatarsal Stress Fracture Treatment | Missouri Foot and Ankle

A lot of people will come into the office
complaining of forefoot or midfoot pain and they point right to their midfoot and it’s
very isolated. Usually, it’s also called a marching fracture
same as a stress fracture. So a lot of these patients either work on their
feet a lot, UPS workers, mail carriers, people that have increased their running, their walking,
try to increase their exercise and all that a stress fracture is, is swelling inside the
bone. So you get what is called bone marrow edema
and if you keep walking, keep running, eventually, it’s going to break through and then you will
end up with a frag fracture and we can see that on X-Ray. Those are very easy to identify. The ones that come in and have a lot of pain
in the forefoot or the midfoot, and X-rays are normal, we usually do MRI’s on those and
you will see the bone marrow edema so it’s an early stress fracture and if you would
keep walking again it would break through. Usually we can put somebody in a boot
or something called a carbon fiber insert to take the load off of that and they usually
will heal themselves in six to eight weeks.

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