Metformin Tablets for PCOS | PCOD Treatment | weight gain | pregnancy | transvaginal scan

Hello everyone, my name is Dr Shenuka. I am a Doctor of pharmacy graduate. In todays video we are going to discuss about anti-diabetic medicines used for the treatment of pcos/pcod one in every 10 women’s has PCOS, pcod or infertility problems in India PCOS is a lifestyle disease PCOS occurs due to our sedentary lifestyle (eating junk foods, lack of exercise) PCOS daily affects women in reproductive age group (from puberty till menopause). Irregular periods, absence of periods for many months, hormonal imbalances in body which results in metabolic disorders such as T2 DM, and other cardiovas cular disorders such as stroke, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol levels). I had done a previous video on PCOD & PCOS those who are interested please check the cart The first symptom of PCOS is menstrual irregularities High levels of male hormone ( Androgen) which causes oily skin, greasy hair, hairloss, unwanted fascial hair growth, hair growth in chest abdomen region some women develop male like beard patterns and hair on chin and upper lips due to this overall hormonal changes in the body many women faces difficulty in getting pregnant. Insulin is a hormone secreted by beta pancreatic cells. after consuming any food, the blood glucose levels in our body rise up Insulin is secreted in response to this increased blood glucose levels and acts to reduce it. about 70-80% of PCOS patients are having Insulin Resistance (IR). IR occurs when the cells in our body remain unresponsive to the secreted levels of insulin this can result in increased blood glucose level (hyperglycemia) and leads to T2 DM Many women are still unaware about the effect of anti-diabetics on PCOS One medicines may have different indication, one medicine can be used to treat multiple conditions. metformin was founded as the first ever Insulin Sensitizing Drug Metformin is used to treat IR in pros patients as a result it can reduce the effect of male hormones (androgens) metformin can be also used to cor rect the ovulation and decreases the incidence of irregular periods many studies has proved that in both diabetic and non diabetics, metformin helps to loose weight weight gain, obesity or being over weight is the most challenging thing for PCOS patients most doctors suggests to reduce weight for pros patients, but loosing weight with pcos can be very slow weight loss is very slow in pros , due to hormonal imbalances our body turns into a fat storage mode instead of fat burning this is how pcos results in weight gain Metformin or Glucophage tablets can helps to reduce this effects and helps in weight loss and all this can results in increasing the chances of getting pregnant. The starting dose of metformin is 500 mg daily in the morning Metformin should not be taken in empty stomach is done so it can result in hypoglycaemia ( low sugar). side effects of Metformin includes stomach irritation, abdominal bloating, metallic taste in the mouth. extended release tablets are available in the market with minimal side effects Antidiabetics or contraceptives are not a complete cure to PCOS this medicines can only help to reduce the symptoms caused due to pcos along with the medications, do regular exercise Reduce carbs intake many peoples have doubts regarding the transvaginal scan done in pcos this is a diagnostic test using a probe which contains a camera is inserted into vagina this test may cause pain and irritation and this test is not done under anaesthesia be always vigilant about the changes that happens inside our body if you have any of the symptoms mentioned don’t hesitate to visit a Gynaecologist and get proper treatment depression and mood swings are common problems which affects women with pcos don’t let the mood swings destroy your social and work life we should always have full control over our body and mind. so stay healthy and live happily . if you find the video interesting please don’t forget to subscribe Medi Beau.

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