hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’ve never been here before welcome my name is Christine so today I am
finally doing an updated nighttime skincare routine for you guys this was
highly requested and my first ever video on YouTube was a skincare routine which
is crazy to me because that was almost a year ago I feel like we’ve grown so much
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lucky me. Today in this video I’m gonna talk about my Holy Grail skin care items
and these are things that I reach for every single night and I also have so
many products I would love to share with you guys so if you guys are interested
in seeing like my favorite eye creams and moisturizers and masks let me know
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don’t want to miss out let’s go ahead and get to skincare so I always do my
makeup before this video I’m just gonna go for a natural look this is the
skincare video so I’m just gonna put on a little bit of eyeshadow and I’ve been trying so many new things like
if you guys could see my skincare drawer it is insane I have it organized by like
my favorite oils my favorite cleansers I have eye creams I love and then
moisturizers and serums and math and I just have so many things that I’m trying
all the time that it kind of took me a long time to figure out what I really
liked and like my Holy Grail I have here a big box of items and these are things
that I use almost every single night I have a cold massive here at serums that
I will switch around so I got one item from each category that I knew I loved
and I could depend on and these are items that like if someone asked me what
I recommended these are items that I would wait for and help people about so
anyways if you guys are interested in like a top 5 eye creams top 5
moisturizers or just like my favorites of skincare I can even do like a 20-18
skincare favorites video if you wanted so let me know what you guys want to see
and I’m happy to do that I have so many things I would love to tell you guys
about but I just feel like there’s not enough time in this video first things I
will always do even though I have oily acne prone skin I like to use oil
cleansers or some type of makeup melt and that allows my makeup to the slip
off my face and then that way when I go in with my cleanser I don’t have as much
makeup left on my face to clean off is my go to makeup melting balm and this is
the pharmacy green clean and I love the stuff pharmacy did send this to me but
I’ve been using it for quite a long time it looks like that and this stuff smells
so good it just smells like fresh and clean and minty goodness and I love this
balm because it doesn’t break me out and it really does take off a lot of my
makeup so I would just take like a big nickel sized amount and rub it into my
hands and then while my face is dry with all my makeup on I’m just gonna rub it
into my skin and really make sure that I get into the eye area the concealer area
and if I’m wearing lashes I might kind of rub it a little bit into the lash
band that just helps a Lashes slide off my
eyes and it won’t harm my lashes has always worked for me I’ve tried out like
other oils I really like the DHC aisle as well I like that it’s not an oil and
it’s more of like a bomb because it’s easy for me to travel with and I don’t
have to worry about it like spilling all over my stuff so I really like the
screen clean by pharmacy and then next up I will cleanse my face and I have
really been liking these too this is an OG for me this is a clean and clear deep
action cream cleanser and this one I have been using for years and years and
years and years in my very first video I have talked about this stuff and it’s
just because I love it so much so I love this cleanser I feel like it’s really
good for sensitive skin and it doesn’t do too much like it doesn’t strip my
skin with all the oils and it’s not too drying at all and it’s so affordable
like I think you buy it at Walmart it’s like six dollars I love this stuff I
recommend it to everyone and it just does a job for me and it feels really
good on my skin doesn’t break me out next up I got this from influencer but
it is a Sunday Riley remix lip cleanser I really like this because it is super
gentle it kind of reminds me of the clean and clear one where it’s like
really gentle and it doesn’t feel like it’s really stripping my skin between
the two like oh equally the same so if you’re wanting to save a little bit more
money I would go for the clean and clear one but there’s something about high-end
skincare that just feels a little bit better you know I mean this is another
cleanser that I like to use this is the beauty of Josiah and apricot blossom
peeling gel and I got this from bling dear like this via their site down below
this is another exfoliator that I like this is the skin food black sugar Mac
and I love this stuff and I got sent this from Riley Rose it’s just smells
like straight sugar and honey and I love it and I feel like some exfoliators are
too gentle where I feel like they don’t have enough like B bits in it so my skin
doesn’t get as like soft and exfoliated as I wanted but I feel like this has a
lot of like sugar B lives and it does a really good job of like slowing off the
dead stem cells and it leaves my face super soft and smooth so I really
the stuff I think it is really affordable as well and you can pick it
up from Riley Rose or from skin-food website next I will go in with some type
of toner either will be a micellar water or a glycolic acetone or some type of
toner my go-to micellar water is this Bioderma makeup removing micellar
solution and this is for sensitive skin and I just started using this about six
months ago and I’m surprised its lasted me this long but I really like this
stuff it does a really good job of taking off the makeup that’s left on my
skin even after cleansing so I really like to go in with this and I just feel
like it takes everything off my skin I feel like there is a point in time where
this was really hyped on YouTube and I think this is worth the hype and you can
actually pick this up at like H Mar or Ranch 99 if you guys have like Asian
markets that also have like beauty supplies
I’ve tried micellar waters where I feel like it didn’t really work like I feel
like it didn’t really take off anything on my skin but this does and it just
feels really good and at least my skin feeling super clean reason that I use a
toner is it helps to balance a pH levels of your skin because your skin has its
own pH level and the pH level of water it’s different than the pH level of your
skin not too high sometimes when you wash your face your skin feels kind of
like tight and like stiff only have the reason behind that is because a patient
over skin is now off balance so in order to rebalance your skin you want to take
something that will regulate the pH levels of your skin so I always use a
toner after watching my face so whether it’s micellar water or a toner you can
use either of those and I usually opt for a micellar water and then next I
will use a mask and I don’t do a mask every single day but I would probably
say I use some masks about one to two times a week depending on what my skin
needs that week and most of the time because I have such acne prone skin I
like to go for a detoxing mask and they’re just like my favorite to do next
to masks that I have been loving is one of them is this la Henriksen cold plunge
pore mask and I have been loving this mask ever since they sent to me it is
like this bright teal blue but it feels so refreshing on the skin and it really
does make you feel like you just jumped into like an ice
bath it feels like your face is really tightening and it’s also detoxing for me
so I really like this stuff I think it does a really good job of tightening my
pores and it feels really good while it’s on and then wouldn’t you wash it
off as well so this is just like a great skin treat for me and I always pack it
with me on vacations and yeah I just really like using it and I feel like
it’s effective and another one that I’ve been using is this is an oldie but a
goodie but this is the Aztec secret Indian healing clay and I picked this up
from Amazon so I will link it down below but this I have been using for years now
and I finally have gone through the tub and it’s time for me to order another
one this is the type of mass when people ask me like what is a good detoxing mass
this is heaven and I mix this one with apple cider vinegar and if you feel like
you’re really breaking out or your skin is just going through a lot I would just
recommend using this because especially what the apple cider vinegar I feel like
it really like burns and deep cleans your skin and takes out all the gunk and
impurities if you’re a guy or a girl it is really good for detoxing your skin so
I always recommend that one and then after I would go in with my toner and
again every time I wash my face I want to tone it afterwards and so I want to
read that with my skin and get that peach that was back to normal you guys
know I have been using the smart but that scoot glycolic acid toner for a
really long time and I used to recommend it to everyone my very first skincare
routine video I use this and this is probably like my fourth bottle this this
year I still really like it but I have found one that it’s better that I did
like this a lot because I feel like it really helped to even out the texture of
my skin and even after like double cleansing I would do just one more wipe
down with my glycolic acid toner and would still pull off like a residue left
on my face so I really like this and I feel like it left my skin really smooth
and extra extra clean but something that I just started using recently is this
ordinary glycolic acid seven percent toning solution I just started using
this recently and I fell in love with it I feel like it does everything that my
Mario Badescu toner did but this is more affordable I’ve been like
a little bottle of it I don’t know how practical it is for traveling I’ve yet
to travel with it because I’m really scared it’s gonna leak all over
everything for some reason I don’t know what it is about this but I just really
like it and I feel like it does a really good job of helping my skin texture and
leave my skin super smooth and then I’m gonna do a my cream and a serum so it
doesn’t matter what order you put the two of those but I like to do my eye
cream and tap it in and eye cream that I really like is this pharmacy do it all I
cream and I adore the stuff it is so good and I am almost out of it and I
just started using it not that long ago but I really like this stuff I feel like
it really does a good job of moisturizing my under eyes and it also
looks really good under makeup which is really important for me I really like
this stuff it leaves my under eyes really hydrated and I feel like it’s
nutritious it’s not a weird thing to say it’s thick and creamy enough that when I
put on my under eyes and next morning I just wake out with the most like plump
hydrated under eyes so I really like this eye cream I cannot say enough good
things about it thank you so much pharmacy I like to do my serums before
my moisturizer so I can use different serums depending on what my skin concern
is or what my skin needs so it’s similar to a mask where I use different serums
depending on what I feel like my skin meet most of the time I like to go for
an H a or BH a serum and what that does is it helps to exfoliate your skin and
it evens up the texture of your skin and it leaves it super smooth a serum that I
have been loving is this pharmacy honeymoon glow and this is an H a
resurfacing night serum and so what this does is it is like a chemical exfoliant
for your skin and it’s different from physically exfoliating your skin so that
skin-food one where it was like the bee lift and you’re like physically rubbing
away the dead skin cells on your skin this is different where I feel like it
gets to a deeper low of your skin I really like the serum and it does leave
like a slight tingling effect which I actually appreciate because I feel like
it’s working and it’s doing its job it really exfoliates your skin to like the
deepest level and it helps your skin texture a lot so if you feel like you
constantly are getting breakouts in the same area using this might help you
and it just helps to really like leave your skin super smooth and baby soft and
really helps with the texture I really like the serum and I will use it
probably like once to twice a week after my serum I will then go in with a
moisturizer and I like something that is going to leave my skin super hydrating
moisturizer that I’ve been using I will use this one if I feel like my skin is
extra dry and I feel like it needs an extra level of hydration this is the
julep boost your radiance reparative rosehip seed facial oil and I really
like this oil I feel like it’s really deeply moisturizing and I will wake up
the next morning with the most beautiful glowing hydrated skin and I just love
this oil I really like royalty boy I feel like it doesn’t break out my skin
used to be really scared of using oils but ever since trying out different like
rosa foils I also like the Ordinaries a lot but this one just feels so good and
it doesn’t feel like overly oily on my skin like I feel like I can pat it in
absorbs really quick and then my skin just looks and feels amazing another
moisturizer I have been using for night time is this derma e skin restore
advanced peptides and collagen moisturizer I just started using this I
was sent it by derma e I really like it I feel like it’s a really good thick
night time moisturizer and it doesn’t break me out it smells really good and
what I like about derma e too is everything is like eco-friendly it’s
vegan gluten free soy free cruelty free as well so I just really like their
brands like this moisturizer is really good for leaving my skin super
moisturized and hydrated a big thing for me is I want to find a moisturizer that
doesn’t break me out but also ease my skin really moisturize I ever feel like
I’m breaking out I will use a serum that has like salicylic acid or like my
honeymoon glow yeah I just really like this moisturizer even though I do have
oily skin I always make sure that I moisturize my skin and that way my skin
isn’t over producing like bad oils I just find that when I do moisturize
properly my skin doesn’t get as oily during the day and I don’t have as many
breakouts so you always want to make sure you’re properly moisturizing and
take care of your skin because what you put
in you will get out so I spend a lot of time right skin care it’s like my
favorite thing to do and next let’s go into my favorite products that I like to
use finally we are almost done another thing that I would do if I feel like I
have acne scarring I will kind of spot treat if I have like new blemishes I
will use the clean and clear personnel ten benzoyl peroxide maximum strain I
really like the stuff for it tacky blemishes so if I feel like I have like
a blemish coming or I have like little itty bitty dots that are still like
active and I’ll kind of do like a thick layer on top and then go to sleep and
then in the morning it’ll be much better it’s gentle but it does a job like it
doesn’t really burn your skin or make your skin peel the next thing that I
like to use is this derma e scar gel and I talked about this on my Instagram a
lot but I heard about this from rocks everybody say here on YouTube and this
is really good for fading the dark spots on your skin for me my skin scars really
easily if I have like old blemishes I will have like dark spots left in my
skin so what I’ll do is I’ll just take a little bit and rub it into my skin and
I’ll do it in the morning and at night and then after a couple of days my scars
will have faded a ton so I’m almost out of this I need to pick up a new one soon
but I have been using this for about a year now and I love it and I feel like
it does its job if you are consistent and you’re using it morning and night it
will help fade your scars so that was it of course after talking for two hours I
totally forgot to record an outro but I hope you guys did enjoy and I hope you
guys took it as helpful information and I will also leave more info down in the
description box and as always I’ll link everything that I talked about and make
sure you check out my other videos I have a favorites video that I talked
about more in depth some of the items that I mentioned in this video and then
I also have a highly requested boyfriend Q&A so anyways thank you guys so much
for watching and I will see you in the next video bye guys

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